Calls for Collaboration

collaboration for innovative projects in Music Therapy

Calls for Project Collaboration

As a general rule, items included in the 'discussions' section of this website should have been used in music therapy sessions and an assessment of the outcomes should be provided, using published assessment criteria wherever possible. 

This section (Calls for Collaboration) is for contributors whose work has not yet passed into general music therapy practice and who would like to make contact with therapists in a collaborative project to assist with evaluation.  Materials and access to equipment should normally be provided.

Therapists are asked to check this section regularly in case work is presented which is relevant to their own work.

The detail provided by the contributor should be comparable with that in a main discussion presentation, and indeed, should provide the basis for a future discussion to be published and to be transferred across once evaluation is available.

Commercial collaborators might like to consider offering a prize for the most innovative use of their products, in addition to the materials for evaluation.
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