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Unit 1

The Information age


This unit has been designed to explore how the world we live in is constantly changing as a result of new technologies. We live in an age full of data and information which, in many cases, is crucial to our standard of living and overall quality of life.


  • To be aware of key technologies used to convey information
  • To be aware of how technology allows us to present information in different ways
  • To understand how information can be shared quickly, allowing people greater interaction with others
  • To understand some of the issues and challenges surrounding the use of technology

What you need to do

Your task is to produce an e-book using Dreamweaver to tell people 100 years from now what life was like in the "Information Age."

This e-book must contain:

  • An introduction which makes it clear that you understand the audience and purpose of the e-book

You should also write: