The BTEC First Extended Certificate for ICT Practitioners is a Level 2 qualifications which provide you with a broad foundation in the subject. The Extended Certificate is worth 2 GCSEs

This webcourse contains the resources for the course. It is hoped that we will be able to offer a range of options for you to choose from once you have completed Unit 1 and 2 which are the core units. If you have any queries about the course or the contents of this webcourse please speak to Mrs Hay.


To achieve the First Extended Certificate you must pass:
  • Unit 1: Communicating in the IT Industry
  • Unit 2: Working in the IT Industry
  • Any 2 further units ( or equivalent ). Possible units include:
    • Unit 3 Computer Systems
    • Unit 4 Business IT Skills
    • Unit 5 Supporting Organisations with IT
    • Unit 7 Installing Computer Hardware
    • Unit 18 Software Design
    • Unit 16 Database Systems
    • Unit 22 Doing Business Online
    • Unit 23 Computer Graphics
    • Unit 26 Developing Computer Games
    • Unit 30 Animation Techniques


There are 4 grades available:
  • Pass ( equivalent to C at GCSE )
  • Merit ( equivalent to B at GCSE )
  • Distinction ( equivalent to A at GCSE )
  • Distinction* ( equivalent to A* at GCSE )
Each unit has a range of Pass, Merit and Distinction criteria. 
  • You need to pass all the Pass criteria to obtain a Pass in the unit. A Pass is awarded 50 points (or 25 for a half unit)
  • You need to pass all the Pass and all the Merit criteria to obtain a Merit in a unit. A Merit is awarded 60 points ( or 30 for a half unit )
  • You need to pass all the Pass, Merit and Distinction criteria to obtain a Distinction in the unit. A Distinction is awarded 70 points ( or 35 for a half unit ).
All the points for all the units are added together and an overall grade is given based on this table:-

 Grade Points

There is a grade calculator spreadsheet attached at the bottom of the page