What is a Raised Bog?


A bog is a wet land, but this wetland is a very deceptive place. Although it can look (and sometimes feel) like land (perhaps with some small ponds or pools of water dotting the land, as well);in fact, it is more like a spongy "floating carpet" of land.

Underneath the surface, the bog is full of water--about 90-95% water.


Raised bogs develop from valley mires where the rainfall is over 1 meter per year. Here peat (which is decaying plants) builds up until it is above the ground water table. The biggest may spread over hundreds of hectares and can be 6-9 meters higher in the centre than at the edge.

A raised bog may grow a millimeter in one year's time!

Sometimes, as people cut peat in bogs, they found things that had been placed there long ago. They found wonderful objects--necklaces, swords, or even silver cauldrons. And sometimes they found the gruesome, preserved remains of human beings: men, women, and children.

Although no mummies have been found in Abbeyleix bog, a bog body was recently uncovered a few miles away in Cul na Mona bog. To read a report on this find, click here....

Click here to see what Doug McMillian has to say about Abbeyleix Bog. Doug is scientist who knows a lot about bogs and other habitats
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