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The Home meets the Abbeyfield standards.
Staff and organisation
A Housekeeper supported by a Deputy has the general responsibility to the house manager for the running of the house and the welfare of the residents, including the preparation and service of meals. A member of staff is always present in the Home.
The house manager is responsible for the housekeeper, and for administrative issues, to the Board of Trustees, which comprises 8 local people. The Chairman of the Trustees has regular meetings with residents.
The front door is secured at all times.
The building was designed with careful attention to personal security and the Fire Officer's requirements, including smoke detectors in all rooms and fire doors which are held open until the fire alarm is sounded. Regular fire drills take place.
There is an emergency call system in all rooms.
Personal furnishings such as armchairs, beds and bedding must be of fire retardant material. Electrical equipment such as toasters, radios, lamps etc in residents rooms are tested annually by the House electrician.
The Society insures the House, all property in the public rooms and any furnishings lent to a resident. Employees of the Society are covered by a Personal Risk and Injury policy. Residents are requested to make a list of their own property when they take up residence.
A no-smoking policy applies in all communal areas. Smoking is however allowed in a resident's room.
Resident's pets are not allowed, although well-behaved visiting dogs are permitted.
Visitors are welcome at any time and may be entertained in a resident's own room. Relatives and guests may be invited to an occasional meal for which a charge will be made. There is a guest room available for friends or relatives at a non-profit making charge. Residents from other Abbeyfield homes are welcome for holiday breaks, and there is accommodation for respite breaks.