The Rooms and Fees

There are twelve rooms varying from 200 to 420 sq ft, with a monthly fee of between £900 to £1,650.
All rooms have en-suite facilities, and seven have separate sitting rooms. Each room is the resident's home: it is lockable and staff must seek permission before entering. Residents furnish and look after their own rooms. The rooms have an emergency call system and a socket for a personal telephone line. Some rooms are suitable for couples.
   View from Room 1
The following are covered by the fees:
Occupancy of a bed-sitting room; The use of public rooms and the garden; Central heating and hot water; All meals and refreshments; The use of special care equipment; Weekly laundering of bedding and towels.
The following items are not included:
Domestic cleaning of rooms; Personal laundry; Hairdressing and chirpody; Personal toiletries. However, staff can help arrange these services. 
Fees, which are reviewed annually are payable four weeks in advance and it is preferable that they should be paid either by cheque or standing order.
Where a resident has limited capital and income, application can be made to the local office of the Benefits Agency or to their local County Council Social Services Department who may assist in the payment of fees. The Society, being a charity, assesses the fees without the need to make a profit. Any increase in the fees will be based on an increase in expenditure.
If a room is occupied by a couple the monthly fee will be increased to reflect the extra cost of meals and laundry.
If a resident is away from the house for more than a week, a deduction to the fees will be made for the cost of meals. Fees will be charged until a room is no longer required and all personal items are removed. If a resident wishes to leave for reasons other than their health, two months notice should be given.


View from Room 16

 Contact: 01668 214214 (Office);   For room vacancies or respite enquiries, contact the office or Ruth Taylor on 01668 214318
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