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This is the temporary details page for Abbey Diagnostics. Our main site will be back as soon as possible.   We hope that this is not too much of an inconvenience, and would like to reassure you that we can still be reached by telephone on 01638 552122 for queries or to order your kits.


At Abbey Diagnostics we have been specializing in the provision of equine worm-egg counts since 2001. Our services are for all people and businesses involved in the care of horses and other equines.

Our clients include:

1. private owners with one or more ponies or horses

2. livery yards

3. studs

4. racing stables

5. competition yards

6. equine charities, rescue and rehabilitation centres

7. large and small veterinary practices.

A worm-egg count has the following benefits: 

1. To establish the necessity for worming to be undertaken (or not). 
2. To check the effectiveness of pasture management.
3. To determine the infestation levels of newly arrived horses within a community.
4. To check the effectiveness of a worming programme.
5. To ascertain development of potential resistance to current worming chemicals.

Submission of samples is very simple using our special sampling packs which contain everything you need and include step-by-step instructions.

Never had a count done before?   Why not take advantage of our special "New Client" offer? Abbey Diagnostics offers a 'first-time' sample check at the price of just £6.25 per sample (lower if 5 or more samples are sent). This includes a free sampling-pack with full instructions. There are no added costs.

Contact us on 01638 552122 for more details, or to obtain your sample packs.

Alternatively, you can send a request by e-mail via sales@abbeydiagnostics.co.uk

Our prices start at just £6.75 per sample, and we offer an introductory discount offer and reduced costs for bulk samples.

We also operate a Loyalty Points scheme for all customers paying the standard rates. 

Our kits are supplied free of charge, so all you pay for is what you use!

We can also offer a service at substantially reduced cost for all equine welfare and charitable organisations


FAECAL EGG COUNT REDUCTION TEST. (£4.50 per sample) The option to undertake this test will be offered to all clients who send samples which return a count in excess of 300epg to enable the owner to get peace of mind that the worming treatment has worked, the cost of this test is only £4.50. Details will be sent out with the initial results. We strongly suggest that this test is undertaken if the owner chooses to use a product associated with resistance problems.

We always recommend that clients take samples and send them for counting at the time when the effects of the previous wormer will have worn off sufficiently to allow worm eggs to be produced again. However, sometimes clients have to send samples before this time, either on veterinary recommendation or because they are worried about a problem with the last administration of worming chemical. While the result of a count done at this time will provide information to aid a veterinary diagnosis, or to put the owner's mind at rest, it may not truly reflect the worm status of the animal under test. We therefore offer the owner the chance to submit a second sample for test at the correct time in order to obtain a more meaningful result which will enable them to plan their actions accordingly. The paired sample test is offered at the reduced rate of just £4.50 if carried out at the recommended time.

WHAT IS THIS????? You know how it is - you’re merrily working away in the paddocks equipped with a shovel and a wheelbarrow, clearing up the handiwork of your horses when you see something lurking in one of the piles which you have just lifted….. What is it??? Should I worry??? 
We have a free service to which you can send a sample of these “unidentified wriggling objects”. Just call us on 01638 552122 to get a “What Is This??” collection kit sent out, or to discuss the best way to take a sample for sending immediately.