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Admissions Policy


The Board of Management of Abbey Community College is publishing this document as the Official Admission and Participation Policy within the School. 

The Patron – County Roscommon Vocational Education Committee has approved this publication.

Copies of the Policy are available at the School and are furnished to each person who applies to be admitted to the School.  



The Patron of Abbey Community College is

County  Roscommon  Vocational  Education  Committee

The Ethos of County Roscommon Vocational Education Committee embraces the following principles

    • Openness and Transparency 
    •  Accountability 
    • Equality 
    • Social Inclusion 
    • Quality Customer Service 
    • Partnership



Abbey Community College/ Coláiste na Mainistreach is a Community College operating under the Trusteeship of County Roscommon Vocational Education Committee.

 The School is managed by a Board of Management. There is also a Board of Governors – one representative Mercy Order, one Diocese of Elphin and one Vocational Education Committee. It is funded by the Department of Education and Science and operates within the regulations and guidelines set down from time to time by that Department.  The school has an active Parents’ Association and a strong Students’ Council.

 History of the School

Abbey Community College opened in September 2002 following the amalgamation  of  Scoil Chríost an Rí, St. Mary’s College and Boyle Vocational School.  Abbey Community College aims, with the resources available, to provide the best possible environment in order to cater for the cultural, educational, moral, physical, religious, social, linguistic and spiritual values and traditions of all students.  We show special concerns for the disadvantaged and we make every effort to ensure that the uniqueness and dignity of each person is respected and responded to, especially through the pastoral care system in the school.  We realise too, that we must cater for the changing needs of to-day’s world and towards that end, we frequently review our various programmes.  Being keenly aware of the ever-increasing effect of outside influences on the lives of our students, we are even more concerned to maintain positive values and practices

Working together as a school community, the Board of Management, parents, staff and students, aim to provide an environment which will allow each student to develop intellectually, physically, morally, socially and spiritually so as they will be able to fulfill their role in society.

It is expected that every student passing through our care will develop responsible attitudes and respect for self and others.  This requires careful and continuous guidance from home and school.  We, in Abbey Community College/Coláiste na Mainistreach will take every opportunity to provide each student with a set of values which will embrace respect and responsibility.

Within the context of the Department of Education and Science regulations and programmes, the rights of the Trustees/Board of Management as set out in the Education Act 1998 (Section 15 (1), (2), and the funding and resources available the school supports the following principles:-

  •   Inclusiveness, particularly with reference to the enrolment of students with a disability or other special educational needs.
  • Equality with respect to maximum access and participation in the school
  • Parental choice in relation to choice of school, having regard for the characteristic spirit of the school.
  • Respect for the diversity of beliefs, languages, traditions and ways of life in society.



Mission  Statement


Abbey Community College is a school which educates in partnership with parents, in a tolerant, caring and Christian environment.  Each individual is respected as unique.  In fostering personal development, we encourage all students to achieve their full potential and to relate positively to one another and to embrace the discipline of lifelong learning in response to the needs of the community.


School Details

    School Name                                              :           Coláisté na Mainistreach

                                                                               Abbey Community College

 Address                                                      :           Boyle

                                                                               Co. Roscommon.

 Contact Details                                          :           Telephone   :  071/9664646

                                                                               Fax              :  071/9664097

                                                                               E-mail          :   info@abbeycc.ie

                                                                               Web             :   www.abbeycc.ie

 Principal                                                   :           Mr. Seán Tansey

 Deputy Principal                                       :           Mr. Frank Colohan    

 Chaplain                                                   :           Ms. Maria Moynihan

 Guidance Counsellor                                :           Ms. Eithne O'Malley

     Number of Teachers                                 :           35

 School Secretaries                                   :           Mrs. Mary Kelly
Names of Ancillary Staff                            :           Mrs. Phil Beirne
                                                                              Mrs. Teresa Mullead
                                                                              Mrs. Jean McPherson
                                                                              Mr. Michael Brennan
Class Times                                               :           9.00am - 1.15pm
                                                                              1:55pm - 3.55pm                               

Opening times may be subject to minor adjustments.  
Courses and Subjects Offered: 
Abbey Community College follows the curricular programmes set down by the Department of  Education and Science, which may be amended from time in accordance with the Education Act 1998 (Sections 9 and 30) 

Junior Cycle :  - (3 Years)                                Senior Cycle : - (2 Years)

Religion                                                               Religion
Irish                                                                     Irish
English                                                                English
Maths                                                                  Maths
History                                                                 History
Geography                                                           Geography
Science                                                               Physics
Business Studies                                                 Chemistry
French                                                                 Biology
German                                                               Agricultural Science
Computer Studies                                                 Business
Home Economics                                                 Accounting
Art                                                                       French
Technical Graphics                                               German   
Materials Technology - Wood                                 Home Economics
Materials Technology - Metal                                 Design and Communication Graphics
Music                                                                  Engineering
S.P.H.E.                                                              Construction Studies
C.S.P.E.                                                              Art
Physical Education                                               Music
The Principal allocates students to classes.  Subject to sufficient demand and resources, the Board
of Management reserves the right to determine on an annual basis the range and level of subjects. 

Students who do not sit internal examinations may be required to sit such examinations at an alternative time, before proceeding with their course.


        * Irish                                                
        * English                                                         French
        * Mathematics                                                 German
        * History                                                         + Business Studies    
        * Geography                                                    Religious Education                                       
        * Science                                                        + Art
        + Technical Graphics                                       * Computer Studies
        + Materials Technology – Wood                       + Music
        + Materials Technology – Metal                        * Physical Education
        +  Home Economics                                        * C.S.P.E. (Civil, Social and Political Education)
                                                                              * S.P.H.E. (Social, Personal and Health Education)

        All students study the subjects indicated ( * )

        All students study either French or German.

        In addition students select three subjects from the following ( + ) as marked.


This is an optional year which provides students with an opportunity to develop life skills and interact with new subjects before committing themselves to the Leaving Certificate Programme.



This is traditional Leaving Certificate.   The following subjects are offered to students

    * Irish                                                              + Art                          
    * English                                                         + Design and Communication Graphics
    * Mathematics                                                 + Construction Studies
    + French                                                         + Engineering
    + Biology                                                        * Physical Education
    + Physics                                                       * Computers
    + History                                                         * Career Guidance
    + Geography                                                   Religion
    + Accounting                                                   + Music
    + Business Organisation                                  + German                   
    + Home Economics (Social Scientific)               + Agricultural Science
    + Chemistry

 All students study the subjects as indicated ( * )

 In addition students select three subjects from the following ( + )


This programme is an enhancement of the traditional Leaving Certificate.

Transition Year:

The Transition Year is a one-year programme, which comes immediately after completion of the Junior Certificate.  One group of students (maximum 24) is selected for the Transition Year programme.  The twenty-four places are allocated on the basis of an interview.  The Transition Year Co-ordinator, Teachers of Third Year and the Guidance Counsellor usually conduct the interviews.

The aim of the programme is:-

  • To provide a good academic basis for beginning of the Senior Cycle Course.
  • To develop aspects of the curriculum which tend not to be catered for in other Courses.
  • To develop teamwork through task oriented projects.
  • To develop links between school and the wider community.
  • To encourage students to become more responsible for their own development
  • To introduce students to a wide range of cultural activities and sporting activities.
  • To prepare students to become responsible members of society. 

A fee is required to facilitate the wide range of activities in which students are involved during this year.  This fee is reviewed each year.

Activities will be selected from the following list:   

  • Gaelic Football
  • Soccer
  • Rugby
  • Athletics
  • Basketball
  • Debating
  • Quizzes
  • Drama, etc.
  • Mentoring
Provision of these activities is subject to resources and annual review.
Note:             The Board reserves the right in relation to the above programme to decide on the
                          numbers entering the programme on an annual basis.

 Extra - Curricular Activities:

Abbey Community College provides for a wide range of artistic, cultural, social and sporting activities to develop the talents of all students and to provide them with the confidence to be involved in various activities in later life.

The school also places great emphasis on the development of team games for all its students.

The following activities are currently catered for

Ø    Athletics
Ø    Basketball
Ø    Soccer
Ø    Gaelic Football
Ø    Quizzes
Ø    Public Speaking
Ø    School Tours
Ø    School Musicals
Note:             The provision of these activities is subject to resources, including annual review.


Homework and Study:

The school believes that study is a discipline, which must be developed.  It involves both written and oral work.  It is essential that the students develop the habit of study.  The actual time to be spent on homework and study should be about an hour and half for first year and increasing for each year up to three hours for senior students.

There is now an alarming growth in students having part-time jobs.  The school advises parents/guardians that this militates against participation in the overall function of the school and reduces the effectiveness of the student’s classroom involvement.  We seek the parent’s/guardian’s co-operation in trying to solve this serious problem as we feel that in the long run it is detrimental to the student’s progress.  

A full time Guidance Counsellor is available to our students. The Guidance Counsellor alerts students to the choices facing them at various points and helps them with the problems of decision making

A School Chaplain is available to all students to provide advice on an individual or group basis. 


 Abbey Community College offers Remedial and Resource Teacher support to students where appropriate.


The school has a Students’ Council.  The Council consists of students elected from each year group in the school, one boy, and one girl.  The Co-ordinator of the Student Council is a member of the staff.  The Student Council provides a forum through which the students of the school can play a full part in the development of a partnership approach to school life as it arises. 


The school has an active Parents’ Association.  The Parents’ Association aims to promote the educational development of our students and to assist with the various school activities.
The Association meets regularly during the school year, their Annual General Meeting is held each year on the last Wednesday of September.  Membership of the Association is Voluntary.

 Parent-Teacher meetings are held during school time once a year for each year group.  These meetings are brought to the attention of parents/guardians by letter.  Parents/guardians are strongly urged to attend.

 There are various functions and meetings during the year and parents/guardians will be notified well in advance of such meetings.  These meetings are usually held in the evening.  The following is a sample of what can take place during the year:

§        Graduation Night (6th Years)
§       Career Talks
§       Subject choices for third year students
§      Meeting for parents/guardians of incoming first years
§      Various talks on Alcohol and Drug awareness 


Language Laboratory

A state of the art computerised system allows each student to work on an individual basis.

This facilitates the learning of Irish, French, German and Spanish.

Information Technology Department

Two fully equipped computer rooms, networked and with internet access.

Materials Technology Department

.Engineering/Metalwork Room with the latest engineering equipment.
.Building Construction
.Materials Technology (Wood)

These rooms have been newly refurbished and fitted with the latest material technology equipment.

Technical Graphics

There is a fully equipped Technical Graphics Room.

Design and Communication Graphics

There is a fully equipped Design and Communication Room.

Home Economics Department

Fully equipped Kitchen designed for the study of Home Economics. A Dress Design Room which is fully equipped is also available to students.

Science Laboratories

Three fully equipped science laboratories offer students the opportunity to conduct experiments in Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Agricultural Science.

Demonstration Room

This room has tiered seating for 50 students and can be used to demonstrate experiments to a large class. It can also accommodate large groups for lectures.

Art Room

Catering for Art, Craft and Design.  These facilities are equipped for painting pottery and craftwork.

Music Room

This specially designed room can be modified to accommodate school productions and has a selection of musical instruments which are available to students.


The school library is currently being fitted and will provide extra computer and copying facilities.

Sports Facilities

Two outdoor Basketball Courts, One Tennis Court, and a Football Pitch. The school also has access to the Sports Complex adjoining the school.



The following Mission Statement is approved by the Board of Management.

Abbey Community College is a school which educates in partnership with parents, in a tolerant, caring and Christian environment.   Each individual is respected as unique.  In fostering personal development, we encourage all students to achieve their full potential and to relate positively to one another and to embrace the discipline of lifelong learning in response to the needs of the community.



Abbey Community College is a co-educational centre under the patronage of County Roscommon Vocational Education Committee..
This Admission Policy should be considered in conjunction with the School’s Mission Statement, Code of Behaviour, the Education Act 1998 and Education Welfare Act 2000.
In accordance with its Mission Statement Abbey Community College welcomes all eligible students who apply, including those with special educational needs.  The School is aware, in regard to admissions, of the principles and requirements of a democratic society and will both respect and promote respect for social diversity as regards values, beliefs, traditions, languages and ways of life.  In particular the Board is aware of its obligations under relevant equality legislation.   The school is also required by law to have regard for the efficient use of resources, and will have regard to all these considerations in managing the admission of students and afterwards in operating the school.  The school is fully aware of its obligations to provide for maximum accessibility of students to the school.  To promote the right of parents/guardians to send their child to the school and to promote the right of parents/guardians to send their child to the school of their choice.  While bearing all these in mind, the school also has a legal duty to the Patron to uphold the characteristic spirit of the school, which is stated elsewhere in this document. 
The School Policy on admitting students is one of open access, but in the event of the demand for places in first year exceeding the supply, the following order of priorities will obtain:
i)          Siblings of students who are already registered in the school
ii)         Children of staff members
iii)        Those living in the local community as defined by the rules for the transport scheme.
iv)        Others on a first-come first-served basis.

To be eligible for admission a student must –

             i)          Have reached twelve years of age by January 1st in the year following entry into first
             ii)         Normally have completed sixth class in primary school or its equivalent.
             iii)        Accept the School Ethos.
             iv)        Be accompanied by parent/guardian to meet with designated School Personnel to discuss
                         entry and complete an Enrolment Form.
             v)         With parent/guardian accept, in writing, the school’s Code of Behaviour, and have
                         accepted all the School’s Policies.
            vi)         Take those assessments/tests which the school deems necessary.
            vii)                Undertake to have books, equipment and required materials (Book Rental Scheme in
In the case of a student (including international students) transferring from another school the parent/guardian are obliged to have fulfilled the admission requirements stated above and to:-
            (a)       Complete Form T1 requesting transfer
            (b)       Give written consent for Form T2 to be sent to the Principal of the school/s previously

 The consequences of a transfer and its implications for continuity of education, subject choices and level will be discussed with parents/guardians and students.   Following such discussion the school will determine the year of study/course best suited to each transfer student on entry.  In some circumstances the School Authorities may request the student to avail of appropriate professional services.   Should a student’s application for admission be refused parents/guardians have the right to appeal to the Secretary General of the Department of Education and Science. The Section 29 Appeals Forms will be made available through the school to those parents/guardians (or students over 18) who may need them.

Abbey Community College wishes to promote effective communication with parents/guardians.  To facilitate this each student must have a journal in which communication may be made by parents/teachers.  Regular parent/teacher meetings are held to give parents/guardians the opportunity to discuss the student’s progress with his or her teachers.  At other times meetings with teachers can be arranged by appointment through the school office.   

·         Complaints concerning teachers must be submitted in writing

·         Meetings with teachers by appointment/arrangement.

 Unresolved difficulties will be addressed through the Complaints Procedures.



The school supports the principle of inclusion for all.

 The school supports equality of access and participation in all aspects of school life.

 On application for enrolment Abbey Community College aims to accept all students with special educational needs or disabilities.  Students with disabilities and special needs are encouraged to enter the school and participate in all programmes on offer to the extent that their doing so is consistent with their own safety and that of other students and the school will, in so far as resources permit, provide special treatment and facilities to enable them to participate in the life of the school, unless to do so would expose them or others to unacceptable degree of risk, would be excessively disruptive of any programme or activity or give rise to excessive costs that the school could not reasonably be expected to bear.  School Management will strive to liaise with parents/guardians and feeder primary schools from the earliest time possible to identify the special educational needs of individual students.  Parents/guardians are requested to supply all information including copies of all medical and psychological reports prior to registration regarding any special needs that their child may have, in order to plan the provision of appropriate facilities and to deliver an appropriate education.   Should said additional resources not be in place, the school may not be in a position to meet the child’s needs and admission to the school may not be granted immediately on these grounds.  However, this decision is open to appeal to the Board of Management.
Once admitted/accepted any students with special educational needs will be encouraged to participate in all school activities and subjects on offer.  It is the aim of the school to enable students to participate as fully as possible in all school programmes, both curricular and extra-curricular, and to enable this to happen, the Board has put in place procedures to keep students informed of all school activities and opportunities, and these procedures are also aimed at facilitating the involvement of students in the operation of the school, having regard to their age and experience.   As a means of progressing this involvement, the Board has drawn up rules to enable the students to establish a Student Council and will assist the students as far as is reasonable and as required by law in setting up and managing the council. Occasionally, owing to the child’s particular disability, involvement in certain activities/subjects may not be possible.  However this decision is open to appeal to the Board of Management.
Students and parents/guardians are expected to make themselves aware of and comply with the rules and regulations of the school
With reference to our Mission Statement, Abbey Community College is a school which educates, in partnership with parents, in a tolerant, caring and Christian environment.
Being keenly aware of the ever-increasing effect of outside influences in the lives of our students, we are especially concerned to maintain Christian values and practices.  Therefore, parents/guardians and pupils are encouraged to respect and support the Christian ethos of the school in a positive and active manner.  All pupils are expected to participate positively in the classroom and in the co-curricular and religious activities organised by Abbey Community College.   Students who do not wish to participate inreligious instruction and faith related activities will be required to provide written confirmation from parents/guardians.
The Board is required by law to maintain reasonable order and safety throughout the College and on all school activities, and discharges this duty through is employees, mainly the Principal and teachers.  In addition, good order is necessary to enable teaching and learning to take place.   The maintenance of safety and good order required the drafting and implementation of a Code of Behaviour in which it is a requirement to set out the means by which the School Staff will deal with behaviour that is considered unacceptable;  these procedures are to be found in the College’s Code of Behaviour.  The two most serious sanctions available to the College are Suspension and Expulsion.   Expulsion is seen as a last resort, and will only be resorted to when all other sanctions have been exhausted and the student and parents/guardians have been made aware, by notice in writing,  that expulsion is being contemplated by the Board and invited to make their views known to the School.   In every case it will be preceded by a suspension from school activities to enable this exchange of views to take place.   Suspensions will be availed of either after all of the minor sanctions have been exhausted, or as a response to a  single breach of school discipline so outrageous that any lesser sanction would be inappropriate in the circumstances.   Suspension may be from attendance at school and all school activities, or may be more limited in its scope and effect.   The Principal is empowered to impose a suspension, and is required to inform the Board whenever this is done.   The Board alone has the power to expel, subject to the sanction of the Vocational Education Committee.  The procedures for managing suspensions and expulsions and all details of appeals in these situations are set out in the Code of Behaviour of the school to which readers are referred.

Application Forms will be made available in all Feeder Schools during Term II. Completed Application Forms must be returned to Abbey Community College on or prior to the closing date.

  • Parents/guardians and students will be invited to an Open Night.  Notice of the Open Night will be posted to all feeder primary schools and advertised in the Roscommon Herald and Sligo Champion.  Information will also be available in the Information Pack issued by Abbey Community College.

  • Application Forms will be freely available from the School Office.  The Application Form will be required to be returned to the Principal by the date specified on all advertisement and literature circulated with reference to same.

  • Parents/guardians are responsible for ensuring that Application Forms are received by the School.

  • A Birth Certificate will be required prior to acceptance of a student into school.  (Students must be 12 years on 1st January in the calendar year following the students entry into first year).

  • Students who apply for admission to Abbey Community College will be requested to complete an Assessment Test in Term III.   The results of the test are used to identify students who may need further assessment for Learning Support.

  • School Admission Policy, Code of Behaviour, School Policies will be issued to applicants along with Enrolment Form.  The Enrolment Form must be completed and returned to the school on Enrolment Day.


  FORM  T1






NAME OF STUDENT : ______________________________ DATE OF BIRTH: _______________________











LAST YEAR OF STUDY COMPLETED BY STUDENT___________________________


In the case of a request for a mid year transfer the application will be referred to the Board of Management of Abbey Community College at its next scheduled meeting.





 ________________________________(Parent/Guardian) of _________________________________


(name of student) consent to Form T2 (Enquiry for Student Seeking Transfer) being sent to the Principal of Student’s previous school.


SIGNATURE:  ____________________________________ (Parent/Guardian)

 DATE:           _____________________






This form is to be completed by the Principal of the school previously attended by the student.


Please Note:      Parental consent for this enquiry has been obtained by Abbey Community College


NAME OF STUDENT:  _____________________________________________________________________


NAME OF SCHOOL   ______________________________________________________________________


School Roll No.:  _________________         Telephone No. _____________

Year Student is in at Present  ____

 Have Parents/Guardians been available to the school as required? __________________

 Please comment on each of the following in relation to the above student’s record:


Punctuality Record:  ________________________________________________________________


Attendance Record:  ________________________________________________________________


Disciplinary Record: ________________________________________________________________


Was the Student Ever Suspended?   __________________________________________________


If Yes, Please Give Details:    __________________________________________________________________________________


 Is the Student Expelled or Excluded from your School? _________________________________

 If Yes, Please Give Details:    


Please Comment on the student’s:

General Ability  :         _______________________________________________________________

Social Integration:       _______________________________________________________________

 Any Other Comments:  ______________________________________________________________

 Why Does the Student Wish to Transfer to Abbey Community College?__________________________________________________________________________



Signed: ________________________________   Principal                   Date_____________


Please forward this form with a photocopy of the student’s most recent report and any relevant documentation to:

The Principal, Abbey Community College, Boyle, Co. Roscommon.