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The 2nd Abbé Grégoire Innovation Day Took place on March 28 2017 in Paris at Le Cnam.

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2nde Abbé Grégoire Innovation Day (AGID)


In recent years, the scientific community in social sciences has increasingly shifted its focus on innovation, either by analysing the discovery processes that underlie every invention or by reaching a better comprehension of the concrete impact of a new product, method, technology, etc. In a knowledge economy, innovation is the backbone of economic growth in most industrialised countries. In this context, organisation and/or individual social and economic statuses can rise and fall in one fell swoop. Therefore, it becomes an imperative to analyse this new reality to better understand the factors that favour wealth creation in our societies. The 2nd Abbé Grégoire Innovation Day aims to contribute to this debate by gathering researchers from different fields, with a particular focus on management science and economics. During its first edition, which was held in Paris on March 31 2016, more than 100 researchers discussed 36 articles in 7 different tracks.

For this second edition, more than 30 topics will be discussed in specific sessions, covering as many issue on innovation such as innovation management, entrepreneurship, innovation and public economics, patents, venture capital, NBIC, etc.

In 2017, our honoured guest is Professor Philippe Aghion (Collège de France, Economics of Institutions, Innovation and Growth Chair), who will launch the day with a plenary session.

 We are delighted to partner with  most of the French scientific associations: l’Association Internationale de Management Stratégique (AIMS),  l’Académie de l’Entrepreneuriat et de l’Innovation (AEI), Association Académique Internationale de Gouvernance (AAIG), Association Internationale de Recherche en Entrepreneuriat et PME (AIREPME), and Association Française de Marketing (AFM)

The 2nd Abbé Grégoire Innovation Day has concluded several partnerships with academic journals. The authors will have the opportunity to submit their articles to these journals, and be published in their special issues or special features covering the 2nd Abbé Grégoire Innovation Day.