The following standard accessories are supplied depending on the circuit breaker version:

Fixed circuit breakerWithdrawable circuit breaker
Flange for switchgear compartment door (IP30)Flange for switchgear compartment door
Support for service releasesSupport for service releases
Four auxiliary contacts for electrical signalling of circuit breaker open/closed (for automatic circuit breakers only)Four auxiliary contacts for electrical signalling of circuit breaker open/closed (for automatic circuit breakers only)
Terminal box for connecting outgoing auxiliaries
Sliding contacts for connecting outgoing auxiliaries
Mechanical signalling of overcurrent release trippedMechanical signalling of overcurrent release tripped
Horizontal rear terminalsHorizontal rear terminals
Anti-insertion lock for circuit-breakers with different rated currents
Racking-out crank handle
Lifting plateLifting plate

Accessories supplied on request

Electrical accessoriesCircuit breakerSwitch 
disconnector (MS)
Circuit breaker versionFWFW
1a) Shunt opening/closing release (YO/YC) and second shunt opening release (YO2)XXXX
1b) SOR test unitXXXX
2a) Undervoltage release (YU)XXXX
2b) Time-delay device for undervoltage release (D)XXXX
3) Geared motor for automatic charging of closing springs (M)XXXX
4a) Electrical signalling of electronic releases trippedXX
4b) Electrical signalling of electronic releases tripped with remote reset commandXX
5a) Electrical signalling of circuit breaker open/closed (*)XXXX
5b) External supplementary electrical signalling of circuit breaker open/closedXXXX
5c) Electrical signalling of circuit-breaker racked-in/test isolated/racked outXX
5d) Contact signalling closing springs chargedXXXX
5e) Contact signalling undervoltage release de-energised (C.aux YU)XXXX
6a) Current transformer for neutral conductor outside circuit breakerXX
6b) Homopolar toroid for main power supply earthing conductor (star centre of the transformer)XX

(*) For automatic circuit breakers, four auxiliary contacts for electrical signalling of circuit breaker open/closed are included in the supply as standard

Mechanical accessoriesCircuit 
disconnector (MS)
Circuit breaker versionFWFW
7) Mechanical operation counterXXXX
8a) Lock in open position: keyXXXX
8a) Lock in open position: padlocksXXXX
8c) Circuit breaker lock in racked-in/racked-out/test isolated positionXX
8d) Accessories for lock in isolated/isolated for test positionXX
8e) Accessories for shutter padlock deviceXX
8f) Mechanical lock for compartment doorXXXX
9a) Protection for opening and closing pushbuttonsXXXX
9b) IP54 door protectionXXXX

= Fixed version
= Withdrawable version
= Accessory on request for fixed circuit breaker or moving part
= Accessory on request for fixed part
= Accessory on request for moving part

Note: Accessories are available also for the other versions (Sectionalizing truck - CS, Earthing switch with making capacity -MTP, Earthing truck -MT)
Please refer to the technical catalogue (1SDC200006D0201) or contact ABB SACE


The mechanical interlocks possible are shown below, depending on whether 2 or 3 circuit breakers (any model and in any version) are used in the switching system.

Type AType B
Interlock between air circuit breakers - Type AInterlock between air circuit breakers - Type B
Between two circuit breakersBetween three circuit breakers
One normal power supply and one emergency power supplyTwo normal power supplies and one emergency power supply
Type CType D
Interlock between air circuit breakers - Type CInterlock between air circuit breakers - Type D
Between three circuit breakersBetween three circuit breakers
The two half-busbars can be powered by a single transformer (bus-tie closed) or by both at the same time (bus-tie open)Three power supplies (generators or transformers) on the same busbar, so parallel operation is not allowed


Automatic transfer switch ATS010In the sphere of low voltage distribution systems, a high level of reliability of the power supply source is always required.
In fact, for some types of user loads, an unexpected power cut can cause serious problems, such as loss of a large amount of data, damage to the working process, plant stoppage, etc. 
For this reason ABB SACE has developed the ATS010 device (Automatic Transfer Switch), for automatic network-generator unit changeover, able to manage the whole system provided for emergency power supply.

Fields of application

The ATS010 device is extremely suited to use in all emergency power supply systems where a solution ready to be installed, easy to use and reliable is required. 
Among some of the main applications are therefore power supply of UPS units (Uninterrupted Power Supply) in general, operating theatres and primary hospital services, emergency power supplies for civil buildings, hotels, airports, data banks and telecommunication systems, power supply of industrial lines for continuous processes, etc. 

Specific characteristics

Thanks to a changeover logic with integrated safety, ATS010 is able to offer a highly reliable solution to the problem of service continuity. A high performance network sensor, an electrical interlock and the power outputs for control of the circuit-breakers are contained in a single device. For the latter, ATS010 has been conceived to integrate perfectly with both the moulded-case circuit-breakers (with stored energy motor operator or direct acting) and ABB SACE air circuit-breakers, thereby guaranteeing the power supply to the normal line and, in the case of anomalies, sends the start/stop commands to the generator and controls the two circuit-breakers by means of an interlock system. 
Changeover is managed both by means of a range of delays which can be adjusted by the user and, of course, in consideration of any possible alarms coming from the field. Notable characteristics of the ATS010 are, furthermore, its ease of use thanks to the front graphics and to the signalling LEDs which facilitate readout of the state of the system, as well as its flexibility which means a single device can be used in different systems. 

Compliance with Standards

The SACE ATS010 device fully complies with the EN 50178 (1997) Standard: “Electronic apparatus for us in power plants”. It conforms to the LVD Directives no. 73/23/EEC, EMC no. 89/336 EEC and has been designed according to the provisions of the following Standards: Electromagnetic compatibility: EN 50081-2, EN 50082-2, Environmental conditions: IEC 68-2-1, IEC 68-2-2, IEC 68-2-3.