Your Local Group Meetings

Every part of Australia is allocated to a group of the Australian Breastfeeding Association. These groups offer opportunities for breastfeeding education, but also provide social networking. For many women, particularly new mothers or those taking leave from paid work, feelings of isolation are common. Australian Breastfeeding Association mothers' groups are unique in the fact they welcome women with babies and children of various ages and are not restricted to first time parents. A rich community develops within the group and welcomes new members.

I always find ABA group meetings to be the least judgmental gatherings I've ever been to. I always feel completely supported and love the fact that such support is extended to every mother who attends, regardless of her parenting choices.

Annie, Yarra Valley and Surrounds Group, mother of 3

At Australian Breastfeeding Association group activities, not only can mothers widen their peer network, but so do the children. From the newborn period through to school entry and beyond, children can interact with others, providing rich play opportunities. Friendships are established amongst the children as well as adults and can lead to ongoing contact outside the group.

For those looking for a new challenge in their life, their are lots of options for participation in various administrative roles. Many women find that taking on small tasks as group helpers gives them the stimulation they may be missing while on maternity leave. Others find scope for personal development through training as a breastfeeding counsellor or community educator: both recognised training programs. For others, they are content to attend the group on a regular basis, without taking any roles within the group. There is room for all in your Australian Breastfeeding Association group. To find your local group, enter or postcode or suburb here.