FAQ - Breastfeeding Education Class

What if I can't call during office hours - can I book online?
Yes! You can now book online with your credit card at http://abavicbranch.eventbrite.com/
If you are not yet a member of the Australian Breastfeeding Association, please go to
first to become a member - write down your membership number as you will need to enter it on the booking form.

At what stage of my pregnancy should I attend a class?

Please consider a class during your second trimester - ideally before 30 weeks. This is to allow for the mother's comfort and babies who arrive early. Of course, we are also happy to accommodate those further along than this! Booking early increases your choice of available classes, which fill quickly in some areas. Booking early also avoids clashing with your hospital antenatal classes, baby showers and other events that happen in the later weeks of pregnancy! Please book early to avoid disappointment as places are limited and classes fill up quickly.

Should my partner come too?
Absolutely! They might not be doing the breastfeeding, but can be your major support and it really helps for them to to learn everything with you. If your partner is not able to attend, you can bring along a friend or other support person if you wish

How many people does the class accept?
Numbers vary between classes based on the size of the community venues we use. You can expect between 6 and 20 couples in attendance.
We are not able to take extra people and do not hold waiting lists for fully booked classes. 

I am having twins! Do you have a special class for me?
Yes! We run twins classes at various venues around Victoria. See the timetable for more information.

You seem to have classes mainly in outer suburbs - why aren't there more classes close to the Melbourne CBD?
The volunteers who run our classes do so in the local area they live in. This allows us to offer classes throughout Victoria. We would like to offer more classes in the inner urban area, however it is dependent on our volunteer hours and access to suitable venues. You will appreciate classes book out early in areas with a large population, so understand you might need to travel out of your area if you are booking later in your pregnancy.

My baby is due in the next few weeks. The class I want says it is fully booked! HELP!
Please book early to avoid disappointment as places are limited and classes fill up quickly. We are not able to take more people than our allocated seats and do not hold waiting lists for fully booked classes. However, your local group of the Australian Breastfeeding Association may have upcoming meetings you can attend before your baby is due.

How much does the class cost?
Our classes are exclusive to new or existing Australian Breastfeeding Association subscribers. The cost of the class is only $20.00, plus membership if you haven't yet joined.
One year Australian membership $70.00

In addition to the complimentary services ABA offers, members enjoy many extra benefits to give you all the support you'll need
Know what to do - Our welcome gift to you! Usually $34.95, new members receive a complimentary copy of our book Breastfeeding...naturally.  Breastfeeding...naturally can help answer the questions every parent has about breastfeeding.  It covers topics from preparing for breastfeeding, to solving problems and managing the changing needs of your growing baby.  Written in simple non-medical language, it's easy to follow and to find what you need too!
Keep informed with Essence magazine – Share in the stories of other mums and gain up-to-date information on a range of breastfeeding and early parenting topics with our member magazine Essence.  Mailed to you every 3 months, it's packed with practical tips that help you overcome those day-to-day challenges.  You can also search and read past issues of Essence through the members-only section of our website!
Be fully prepared with an antenatal Breastfeeding Education Class – Our members-only classes are designed for expectant parents to prepare for the vital days, weeks and months after your baby's birth.  Presented by trained breastfeeding counsellors or educators, you will gain up-to-date and practical information so you can be fully prepared.
Stay up-to-date – Have the latest news, information and special offers from the Australian Breastfeeding Association emailed directly to you every month.  Read about current activities and be connected to resources to support you in your breastfeeding and parenting journey.
Save hundreds on everyday items with My Savings - It can be challenging balancing the budget with a young family.  With My Savings you can save where it counts - on items like food, groceries and fuel that you buy every week (as well as things like gifts, travel and movie tickets).  With discounts from many retailers such as Woolworths, Coles and Big W, the average family can save as much as $1,500 or more a year. More information on My Savings can be found here.
Half price breast pump hire - Members save 50% when they hire a breast pump through the Breastfeeding Centre in Dandenong or their local group.  Whatever your reason for needing a breast pump, a trained breast pump hiring officer can support you in getting the most out of expressing.
Be connected and supported – You don’t have to do it alone! Meet new friends and have your questions answered at local get-togethers run by trained volunteer breastfeeding counsellors or educators. Whether you are fully breastfeeding, partially breastfeeding, expressing or bottle-feeding, it's great to chat to other mums and get those hints and tips that only other mums know! You will be given the contact details of your closest group in your Member Welcome Pack, or you can find your closest group here.
Join the ABA family – As a not-for-profit organisation, the Australian Breastfeeding Association is funded primarily by membership. Your membership enables us to continue our services in supporting and educating parents, health professionals and the community about breastfeeding.