Articles on the Devotee Phenomenon

Devotees, Pretenders, and Wannabes: Two Cases of Factitious Disability Disorder
Richard L. Bruno
Sexuality and Disability. 15.4 (Winter 1997): 243-260.

What are Disability Paraphilias, and Who are Devotees?
Margaret Child
OverGround Magazine. See link on this site.

An Erotic Attraction to Amputees

Dwight Dixon
Sexuality and Disability(1983) 6:3-19

Disability Pornography: The Fetishization of Women's Vulnerabilities.

R. Amy Elman
Violence Against Women. 3.3 (June 1997): 257-270

Impotence or Paraphilia

Dwight Dixon
Sexuality and Disability (1988)

Amputees & Devotees

Dwight Dixon
Halcyon Books (1989)

A Case of Apotemnophilia: A Handicap as Sexual Preference
Walter Everaerd
American Journal of Psychotherapy. 37.2 (April 1983): 285-293.

Paraphilia in Females: Fixation on Amputation and Lameness: Two Accounts

John Money
Journal of Psychology and Human Sexuality. 3.2 (1990): 165-172.

Love Maps

John Money
Prometheus Books, Buffalo , NY
ISBN 0-87975-456-7

Apotemnophilia: Two Cases of Self-Demand Amputation as a paraphilia
John Money, Russell Jobaris, and Gregg Furth
Journal of Sex Research. 13.2 (May 1977): 115-125

The Novel Approach to Sexuality and Disability

Georgie Maxfield
This book also includes a chapter dealing with the devotee attraction.

Amputee Identity Disorder: Information, Questions, Answers, and Recommendations about Self-Demand Amputation Gregg Furth & Robert Smith with an intro by Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

Book is about amputee wannabe phenomenon but the chapter headings sound extremely appropriate for leg-brace wannabes.

Acrotomophilia, Sex, and Disability: New Concepts and Case Report
John Money and K. W. Simcoe
Sexuality and Disability. 7 (1984-1986): 43-50

The Sexual Politics of Disability: Untold Desires
Tom Shakespeare, Kath Gillespie-Sells, and Dominic Davies.
New York: Cassell, 1996

Sexual Aberrations
A Case of Orthopaedic Fetishism

Wilhelm Stekel

Sexual Imagery of Physically Disabled Women: Erotic? Perverse? Sexist?
Fiduccia Waxman, Barbara Faye.
Sexuality and Disability. 17.3 (Autumn1999): 277-282