Welcome to the Official Abandoned North Dakota Site. This site was created on 10-10-2015 and a lot has been added since then. There is most of the Ghost Towns in North Dakota on the left hand side of this page listed in alphabetical order for convenience. Pictures have been added in a few ghost towns. Look for new posts frequently.
LINKS: Youtube (Official channel), Google +. Know something that isn't on the site? Email the name and any information and pictures you have of it to tinecrine@gmail.com or abandonednorthdakota@gmail.com

UPDATE: 2-28-2016 Went on another ghost town trip! Had one both days this weekend! Will post the pictures ASAP!

UPDATE: 2-28-2016 Took advantage of the great weather we had and went on another ghost town trip to the Wishek area! Will post the pictures ASAP!

UPDATE: 2-14-2016 Recently took a trip to Arena and will post the pictures ASAP!

UPDATE: 12-9-2015 Over 300 ghost towns have been added!

UPDATE: 11-16-2015 Uploaded The Sanger County House Collapse video to both of my Youtube channels

UPDATE: 11-11-2015 Reached 250 ghost towns that have been added!

UPDATE: 11-8-2015 Reached 25 Abandoned farms and homesteads so far!

UPDATE: 11-7-2015 Over 200 ghost towns have been added so far! Added a new category for abandoned farms and homesteads!

NEW POST: 4-12-2016 Glencoe Church. See more here.

NEW POST: 3-22-2016 Tappen, ND. See more here.

NEW POST: 3-22-2016 End of February Ghost Town Trip Video. See it here.

NEW POST: 3-22-2016 Double Ditch Indian Village erosion problems continue to worsen. See more here.

NEW POST: 3-18-2016 Lehr is going to be burning down the bar on main street. I learned this info from the Ghosts of ND Facebook Page's Visitor Post Section on the left hand side. Jaimelynn Meidinger Engel from Lehr, ND has posted it and it says: Thought I'd let all of you know that the city of Lehr approved a controlled burn of the old bar in town. This bar was unusual as it was literally built on the Logan/McIntosh County line. My dad told me stories about how the owner had a line painted on the floor to show the dividing line for the counties and what a novelty it was to drink in two counties at once while straddling the line! I will post some photos of the exterior and interior within the next couple days. While it is sad to see the building go, it will not go without some dignity as our local volunteer fire department will be getting some much needed practice with structural fires. Indeed, this is very sad to see. But I wonder why they are burning it down. I took a trip to Lehr earlier this year and the bar was in business and in decent condition. That's a question I would love to have a good answer too. And not a stupid answer like what I found out about the bank in Antler.
NEW POST: 3-15-2016 My North Dakota Register of Historic Places Map. See it here. New things added fairly frequently.

NEW POST: 2-13-2016 Baldwin, ND. See more here.

NEW POST: 3-12-2016 Baldwin and More Ghost Town Trip Video. See the video here.

NEW POST: 3-12-2016 I've been doing some thinking lately. I realized that Craig has the town of Antler in the palms of his hands. What I mean by this is he could say "I might buy the other old bank", and the city would raise the money as fast as they could and scramble to tear it town. He could say "I might buy the old Fire Hall", and of course the city would repeat the process and tear it down. I know Craig likes to use the old existing buildings, but just because you tear it down doesn't mean he's not going to try/to buy it. He could most easily build something else in its place. But the people of antler think that will be enough to keep him away. I think what they did was wrong. If they bought the land themselves, wouldn't that mean that he couldn't buy it in the first place? I don't know. The people of that town are just not normal.

NEW POST: 2-28-2016 The Official Abandoned North Dakota Forum has been created! Here's the link: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/abandonednorthdakota

NEW POST: 2-28-2016 The Old Antler First National Bank (the yellow one) is going to be demolished tomorrow. I had plan s to visit this place today actually, but it being over 160 miles away from where I live, I'm not going to. If multiple buildings were being demolished, I would go with no question. I'm guessing there demolishing it now because the have raised 10,000 on there gofundme page. The building is not even in that bad of condition! They don't have to destroy it, but they are! My opinions on the town of Antler ND have changed quite a bit and I wouldn't support any of the towns doings anymore, or the town itself, after they go through with all this. In fact, I would even go so far to say that I hope Antler becomes a true ghost town because it needs to see its demise. Not like that won't probably happen within the next few decades though.

NEW POST: 2-14-2016 Just heard that the old bank in Antler is going to be demolished. There will be a preservation fund held to prevent it from being destroyed if they raise a certain amount of money. But I have faith and hope in the residents of Antler that they will contribute as much as they can to preserve the wonderful town. I would too, of course if I was a resident of the town. I will hopefully be taking a trip here and back to Wabek sometime near the end of this week. UPDATE ON ANTLER NEWS: 2-15-2016 I talked to Troy Larson from Ghosts of North Dakota and he found the website where the donation fund is being held. They actually are raising the money so they can cover the cost of: Expenses include purchasing property, legal fees associated with the property purchase, expenses to tear down neglected buildings and repair city buildings. They aren't raising it so they don't have to tear it down. There raising it so they can tear it down. And the real question is: What buildings are they going to repair and why are they doing the opposite thing that they should be doing? I WOULD NOT DONATE BECAUSE ITS NOT GOING TO DO WHAT I WANT IT TO AND BECAUSE THEY GAVE AN INSUFFICIENT AMOUNT OF DETAILS AND INFORMATION TO THE CAUSE. If you want the link to the website for any reason (which I hope its not to donate) then please email me at: tinecrine@gmail.com

NEW POST: 12-24-2015 Mekinock ND. See more here

NEW POST: 12-9-2015 The church in Lefor. See more here

NEW POST: 12-2-2015 A look at Wabek ND. See more here

NEW POST: 11-29-2015 Greatstone, ND. See more here

NEW POST: 11-19-2015 The Remote Harper Township School. See more here

NEW POST: 11-19-2015 The Big School NE of Hebron. See more here

NEW POST: 11-15-2015 Sanger County House Collapse Animation. See more here

NEW POST: 11-10-2015 The Old Barn on 52. See more here

NEW POST: 11-9-2015 A look at Burnstad ND. See more here

NEW POST: 11-8-2015 Recently took a trip to Sanger ND and saw that the County House had Collapsed. See more here

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