Inside the House

A deep seated sickness 

 Ready to go inside?

This photo is a bit blurred because one of my feet went right through the floor as I entered. As my hand went up the camera went off.

Wooden dividers are literally hanging, separating the rooms.

 Note the tin of green paint. The same paint that was used to start painting the tin of the house green. It's dried up and half full. Did the owner die painting?

Broken glass scatters on the windows sil. Grass grows freely from outside in.

What a strange door! It opened without too much of a fuss...

This old stone fireplace is part of the origional 1800's "ruin" that the person who lived here built around.

The 'kitchen' - this house is such a strange mixture of 1800 stone and then scrap wood and tin, 2 different lots of people lived here at different times. From a newly hand built stone cottage to a ruin, then anything standing was built around to make a different home. All in the one place. 

You can see in this photo the origional cooking/fire. There is a roughly made seat built for 2. A few plastic jar's with colorful lids and a number of jerry cans.

No running water, no sink, no electricity and yet there is an old dish drying rack laying on the kitchen floor

2 old fridges stand side by side. Both were open. These are old girls are "Kerosense" fridges. No electricity out here. 

The open fridge. Remember if a fridge is closed in an abandoned house - NEVER - never - open it. It can be like opening a tomb, full of deadly bacteria. So if you open it you could/would either get very very sick or find a dead body - neither of which you really want to know about.

You can also see from this photo how very low the sloaping ceiling is.

The door is rotted away but the frame stands firm!

This old place is much bigger on the inside than on the outside.

Part of the wooden floor

This room had once been sectioned off with calico (a common way to section off rooms once upon a time) the calico has since rotted away to just a fragment. I think this room would have been used for (food) storage once, hence the shelves.

I don't quite know what to make of this photo. The sun is coming from behind us in this one so I doubt the "figures" are sunlight. This photo was very dark, I have made it black and white to see what was in it. What you see is what has shown up. 

It looks eerie and now that you've seen the inside of the house, I'll explain our experience in there...

As we got deeper into the house, there was an overwhelming feeling of suffocation and nausea. By the time we reached the kitchen I could have cheerfully been sick - that is so not like me.

When I found out the other girls were feeling the same way we headed out. It is very hard to describe the feeling inside that house. I have nothing to compare it to. The closer we got to the fence line, the feeling lessoned.

Another strange thing, this old place is far from any other house. But it is very close to the road. It's been empty a LONG time, about 40 or 50 years at least. And yet there is not one bit of graffiti, there is only the natural destruction of time. The old fridges, containers etc are all still there. 

Is something scaring people away? Does the overwhelming feelings in there point towards a more sorid past?

I think it might...

I'm glad we got the opportunity to explore this place because very soon, our photo's are all that will be left.

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