Abandoned and Creepy! 

If you thought the shearing shed was creepy...have a look at this!

 I've always wanted to go in here.... it was much creepier than expected!

The entire front of the house has collapsed. This was our last opportunity to go inside as it's being torn down.

There seems to be quite a story behind it. This old place was actually created out of scrap tin and wood AROUND an 1800's ruin. The fireplace and 3 walls on the inside are from an origional stone ruin that was utilized by the builder of this house. 

Lets look around the outside first...

Many years ago someone tried to paint the tin green...

Behind the fallen tin and wood some of the origional ruin is visible

There is "crawl space only" to get in through the front

Around one side you can see the extent of the decay

An old windmill and water tank sit amongst the decay and ruin littering the land

Rusted old traps are strewn everywhere... was this a single man who lived here? The house is very isolated. Was he a hermit?

The back of the house... you can see from this distance the rough design of the tin and wood house built around the stone ruin.

An old wooden stable leans to one side

Tin over a 'window' curling with age surrounded by gnarly tree's and old tanks and drums

Looking towards the inside from outside one of the stone walls.

Are you ready to come inside? The door is open!

CLICK HERE to come INSIDE this creepy old place with us!


Go inside the house