Abandoned Cheese Factory 

Abandoned Cheese Factory, A graveyard to junk

A Family outing for us can turn into an all out Abandoned House exploration. When Cousins Dawn, Spook & Fiona came to stay this weekend, we jumped in the car to take some isolated country roads to see what we could find. We found the most amazing out cheese factory, built in 1886 and once was a thriving business, now sits alone in the bush, a haven for junk and a home to bee's. A Big thank You to Dawn, Spook, Fiona, Phil and Alex for their help in finding some fantastic abandoned places! You'll see more of them in the new "Wide open spaces" section coming soon.

 We will Show you all the outsite photo's first, walking from the front around to the back.

See the old outhouse? 

  An old blackboard with white painting displays the names of the "Once a year club" - we couldn't figure out what that club was, but thanks to kath who is a local, we now know. The Once a year club was formed about 70 years ago by wives to get their husbands out of the kitchen on Christmas day, the pubs shut at 11AM and the men would get their supplies from the pub and go to this place to drink whilst their wives cooked the christmas dinner. If you went for 3 years in a row you would get your name on the "Once a year club" board. These days it is still going! Every Christmas you'll see farm utes, cars etc here, the men follow the tradition only these days they'd be getting text messages telling them to come home. :-)

 An old metal drum holds the fence together

Shauna exploring the outside of the buildings


A Photo of the grass growing out of the guttering

 We stand here looking at this old place, you can imagine it in it's day, busy with workers, proudly turning out the best produce possible.

Are you ready to look inside?
CLICK HERE to go Inside the factory!