Mansion of Decay

A huge mansion like abandoned house full of furniture and decay 

  Hidden behind a huge dead hedge, prickle bushes and long spear grass stands a huge abandoned house. The front is so deceiving as the house goes right back with many large rooms, furniture with the stuffing pouring out and springs everywhere. We were surprised as how large this place was and how grand it would have been in it's day.

Getting in was difficult! Apart from the very long grass, prickle bushes and the old rusted barbed wire gate there was a *not-so-stable* bridge, a swarm of bee's and tonnes of cow shit.

The mamoth effort was however, very worth it....come see the property with us...



 After finally getting into the grounds, it was into the house. This is Tash walking towards the entrance.



 Carpet left on the floor has rotted through with the floor boards

This massive house had many fire places, much decay and even...

A stinking old mattress on the floor, complete with springs and stuffing going everywhere... it really did smell bad.


Tash (with hat) and Shauna in one of the old rooms

Jo outside the decaying *bathroom*

A soap holder and small cabinet is all that gives away that this was a bathroom

Jo and Shauna

An old cabinet leans up against a wall

Shauna & Tash (with hat) in what we think was the kitchen

The living room, complete with chair. This is Jo. 

I did ask both Jo and Tash to sit in the chair so I could take a photo but alas neither would oblige:-)

The usual find - a lone shoe.



Another hallway

This part of the house was really tricky to get through, we had to balance along the one beam

Tash watches as Shauna walks the beam (maybe we should say "Walk the plank?")

The remains of a toilet

This fireplace would have been quite beautiful with a polished wooden surround

Looking out of one of the windows

Out the back

An old car right next to the house... 


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