The Haunted Shearing Shed

At Night! 

You won't believe your eyes....

 The Shearing shed at night....

The sun was setting, it was very quiet.... I cannot tell you how freaky this place is. There is a 'feeling' about it.

Ready to come inside?

We started out feeling not too bad - it was dark in the shed, the sun had set, suddenly Tash lost all battery power in her camera, she said "I don't understand this, I charged them all night!" - I had spares, lots of spares all charged up, I gave her new ones...then MY batteries went (2600MAH ni-ma batteries fully charged), so I replaced them and so it went on, we went through 14 sets of batteries for camera's, 1 video camera battery, the tourch battery went within 10 minutes and it was not a rechargable, all our mobile phone batteries died, we did get some photo's though inbetween battery changing.

I was using the dowsing rods (I'm the short one, Tashy is the tall one), the rods pointed to the doorway and now we know why. I have put an arrow pointing to the orb.

I have put arrows pointing out yet more orbs.



This is me (Shauna) using the dowsing rods - also known as Witching sticks. Tanya is standing behind me. I bought the rods from a lady named Sarah in the United States. A link to Sarah's dowsing rods are on the bottom of this page

This is Tash, she swears someone whispered to her in a breathy voice "Get Out" - Tash isn't one to get hysterical and we have no reason to disbelieve her.

An upturned table

This is Jo, she is holding the dowsing rods, see the ectoplasm whirling around her and on her back.

This is the weirdest and freakest of all photo's and honestly I have no explination at all. None. Now this photo was on MY camera, my very expensive new camera. NO-ONE uses MY camera EVER. If I am using the rods my camera goes in my pocket.

In this photo is MY face and MY hands using the dowsing rods. And yet... it is JO's legs and coat!? Inbetween the rods is the shape of a new born baby! How on earth did this photo get on MY camera. NO-ONE used my camera so how did this photo get taken? - Also, behind me is NOT Jo, it's a man with a short beard, he is transparent and quite alot taller than any of us. Tash is in the background and she has no face. Why is there so much mist (Ectoplasm) and so much light through the door - it was DARK - Uh? Anyone know what is going on. I almost choked on my iced-coffee when I saw this photo... Who is the man? Who is the baby? Why are Jo and I combined as one person? - We're COUSINS! - this is really weird.

Jo holding the rods, notice the ectoplasm over her hands and face. In the ectoplasm mist there is a face, it has the same eyes and beard and the man in the photo before. Who is he I wonder?

It was really dark, the last remaining camera was draining again quickly. The torch batteries had drained, the video camera battery drained, our phone batteries drained, it was time to leave.

Rumor has it there was once a house on the same land close to the shearing shed, the house is long gone, this shed was just thick with energy and spirit, no wonder our batteries drained so fast. Could the spirits be from the house? Maybe we will never know. I've been in many abandoned houses and places, cemeteries at night and never have I felt afraid, except here, this was unusually spooky, but I'm glad we did it...

If you would like to have a go at dowsing, I highly recommend Sarah from  Hooks4hobbys. You can visit her site HERE

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The Haunted Shearing shed in the day 

Who is behind the camera?