Outside Consadane House

Join us on a tour of the 'other' buildings

This used to be a working Cattle farm, what surprised us was the little church that resides very close to the house.

Firstly, have a look at how the back of the house is put together.

The house has a desolate feel and look about it

The back is also very different to the front

Now lets go into the old cow shed

Jo going into the old cow shed. It even has a loft!

Inside the cowshed

out the front of the cowshed is old machinery

Jo standing amongst the ruins of a once very busy cattle farming shed.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder... and now we go to the little church, it's right next to the house, however inside was very confusing.

Half dug into the ground, I believe this little church was built so the travelling Priest could use it

It all looks very humble from the outside, but we went inside and it has to have had different uses over the years...

There was a step down with a tiny hallway, then into the actual room

Long and quite narrow, was this really a church? 

Left hand side

Right hand side.... and then we found....

Animal skulls and bones, in piles

It was a bit creepy, and having this weird block in the middle of the room made it even creepier

If you know what the heck this is just email me and let me know... could the church been used as something else like like a slaughter house at sometime?

Leaving the old church we are left wondering what it was used for...

Consadane House still stands, but we have to turn our backs and walk away now.....This was a fantastic old abandoned place but it leaves so many questions. If I get any answers I'll post them on here.

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