Consadane House

Built in 1863

 Built in 1863 - this house has been added onto over the years and then left abandoned. We found a large house that would have been grand in it's day. It's own private church, plus a cow shed. 

Welcome to Consadane House

The House is big, it's a bit spooky and it's abandoned

Borded up windows and decaying concrete

A window semi-boarded up with part of a curtain clinging to it's rod, gently blowing in the breeze

Here is the front door - ready to come in?

The door was stuck so we found the back way, this is me (Shauna) climbing over a heap of rubble to get in.

The kitchen, the hub of the house

Me (Shauna) getting out of the way of a rather large rat

The old wood stove, this is the most fancy one we've come across.

Still in the kitchen, there was a doorway to another room.

Beer bottles litter the floor

An old milk can amongst other things

This room looks more like a greenhouse now. The roof has collapsed in this part of the house and the plants are taking over.

Once, I believe it would have been a living room, now overgrown with plants, the light pink door stand out amongst the mossy green and the black fireplace.

Part of an old door lays on the ground, the only proof is the handle and keyhole

We went through this door and found...

An entrance way (and he front door) - it would have once been beautiful

Peach colored wallpaper still clinging to the walls.

The bedroom doors were locked, but a small hole in the bottom of each door was big enought for us to crawl through


A hole in the ceiling of the locked room

This time there was a light blue wallpaper

A fireplace

A really old shoe!

Next we're moving through the house into the Master bedroom 

This time we have dark blue floral wall paper

Me (Shauna) after crawling through the bottom of another locked door into the master bedroom

A beautiful old ceiling rose with some wire hanging from it (why? I don't know...)

I don't know why this photo shows a slight aura around me

Watch your step!

We've done a full circle of the house - now it's time to leave the inside

This is Jo, there is other buildings to explore outside, including an old church half dug into the ground!

CLICK HERE to go outside with us!