Kangaroo Inn

Abandoned since 1878


 The Kangaroo Inn was built in approx 1840, it has a long history and was a Junction Station before the Gold Rush. Mail carriers would also stop here and rest themselves and their horses.

A Navvy was killed in a drunken brawl and the killer never found. The Navvy haunts the ruins of the inn - we got one strange photo - maybe it's him....

Approaching the Kangaroo Inn

We're about to go inside, it's an amazing place

It's almost like a cave inside, so many years of graffiti carved into the stone, even as far back as 1861

And there's more


Fire places are in every room

There is 10 rooms in all - and they're not big, just somewhere for people to lay their heads - literally.

You can see how narrow the room is

It's like a maze inside

Below is a strange photo

Do you see a figure leaning up against a wall? Below I have cropped it and circled it. The place was deserted - but looking at this photo it seems to be a persons shape leaning against a wall

Could it be the murdered Navvy? or maybe another spirit person? Maybe nothing at all.



We looked out the back window and saw...

The Kitchen - separate to the Inn. Inside was much better than the ouside looks

The old oven was still intact. How many loaves of bread were baked in this oven?

The fireplace was so big - I could stand upright comfortably - I'm not that tall but still - this is a big fireplace!

Looking up to the sky from inside the chimney

The origional well still stands outside the kitchen

Looking into the well, which was once filled with water

Side view of the kitchen

We're leaving the old Kangaroo inn... it certainly has an eerie feel to it. Should we investigate this place at night? Email me and let me know, maybe we will.


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