Haunted Shearing Shed

Ectoplasm in the late afternoon..

 On a long lonely road in the middle of nowhere stands a lone shearing shed. The grass came up to my shoulders in some parts, and there was prickles! As it was we had to scale (yet another) barbed wire fence, I wasn't dressed for the occassion and had short socks on, those darned prickles really got into my ankles, but you know us by now - if it's abandoned, we cannot resist it.

Set back from the dirt road this shearing shed has not been used in s LONG time, I would say 50 years since it's last sheep went through here.

This door was shut tight, there was a sign above it written in paint or maybe crayon... "no admittance" in hard to read cursive writing. Ok so we won't go through the door that says "no admittance" - it didn't say "No photographing through the window"

There is no longer glass in the windows, a rotting piece of material was the only covering. 

Walking around the side, there was no sign to say no admittance on the side door, actually there wasn't even a door, the door was laying sideways inside the room. This looks to have been a small office of some sort

Not much was in there.... just a small chest of drawers, a fireplace... but the next photo surprised me

Ectoplasm (confirmed by Ghost Hunter) right infront of me. This is NOT sunlight, it is NOT something hanging from the ceiling. This is a ghost manifesting. 

The roof. You can clearly see what is on the ceiling and it's nothing like ectoplasm

Still inside the office

The sun is setting, we are waling around the side. Are you ready to come INSIDE the old shed?

CLICK HERE to go inside the shearing shed!