In The Deep Dark Forest

Did you ever wonder what's in there?

 The Sun was setting and darkness was upon us very quickly. We were looking for a ruin in the forest. Teams of Kangaroo's were bounding everywhere. Please note some of these photo's have been lightened because they were too dark to see properly. We all had trouble with our flash(s)

Jo and Tash before we entered the forest   

 After quite a walk, we caught sight of this part of a ruin

(Photo has been lightened) Quite a strange ruin, but it gets stranger... and it is HUGE too.

Shauna walking through so much vine to the other end of the ruin

More of the ruin.. this surely wasn't a house, it seems to be something much different but we're not sure what

some walls still stand surrounded by the growth of the forest, almost being swallowed up.

We used the dowsing rods after hearing the airy whisper "Hello" but it did not seem threatening, then after seeing some of the photo's we had some very bright orbs.

Shauna on the grass, see the orb?

We are not sure what this is! You can get in it but from the top is a hole, it's surrounded by a thick vine. There is an orb up on the left hand side of the "Bunker?"

This "bunker(?)" is made from stone, from the rocks in the ground, now being swallowed up by thick dense vine.

The drop from the top of the bunker is quite deep, there were several orbs.

Another crumbling wall from this ruin deep in the forest.

Shauna on the grass getting a photo from down low. You can see how big this place would have been... but what was it??

 We aren't sure what this was either! This was a strange ruin, it's deep in the middle of the forest and we are thinking it could have been something to do with the Army at one stage?

An old water tank sits folorn

Who can shed some light on what this place was, it is now totally hidden and rotting into the ground. Please email us if you know...


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