Kangaroo Inn At Night 

A known and Proven Haunt... we decided to explore...At night! 

 The Old Kangaroo Inn, we visited once before in the daytime, and captured a ghostly image. (Go to Abandoned Houses Page 1 to see this exploration). We've had many emails asking us to investigate at night.. so here we are, at this known haunt, it's a dark night, it's still and it's really creepy...

A Navy died here, in a pub brawl and it's said that he has never really left.

Shauna going in to the Inn... some photo's are in black and white, because it's just easier to see as it was so dark.

Tash prepares to go inside

Narrow Hallways and small rooms made this Inn a place for travellers to drink, eat and sleep. Violence was not uncommon, drunk and disorderly this Inn housed some of the most brutal men.

The Kitchen

The old bread oven is open as if waiting to be of use again.

Shauna uses the dowsing rods in the kitchen area

Jo is at the old well, she looks up hearing a noise

Not seeing anything, Jo decides to photograph inside the well, she did not realise there was an orb hovering above her...

Moving through the Inn

We wonder about the people who owned this place and the people that stayed.

Tash & Shauna regroup to get the voice recorder out of the bag

It's really cold out here!

Tash using the voice recorder

Shauna gets a newly charged torch

Jo's torch is in her hand, though this photo DOES look pretty freaky doesn't it!

THIS photo of Jo is pretty impressive... see the ectoplasm around her...

It's amost the end of the night, Jo takes a couple of last minute photo's & Shauna cracks a joke!

We were hoping there was an all night Cafe open somewhere, it's a loooooong drive home!

As we leave the Inn we shut the gate and leave it exactly as we found it... this night investigation was definately creepy, We have some great Orb photo's and a wicked ectoplasm photo. We believe the tales of this Inn being haunted are TRUE... 

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Kangaroo Inn in the day