Haunted House of Sorrow 

A legend, a drowning, a hanging and a haunting 

 This old house, stands abandoned, there is a legend that goes with it and tugs at the heart of many. Only a few dare to enter this house of sorrow.

The legend:

Many years ago, a young boy and his dog drowned in the rainwater tank, his father then hung himself in the shed. The house was then left and no-one but one off vandals have visited since... some curious people have entered and quickly left.

Lets first look at the outside then we shall venture inside..

Shauna & Tash scale the fence, the gate is rusted shut.

Our first thought is that this is very sad... what a waste...this was once a really nice house.

There is a lovely big pergola area out the back, you have to watch your step through out the whole property as there is glass everywhere. Here is Tash walking around the outside.

Every window, every pane of glass has been smashed

Orbs in this photo... no it's not rain, we were on dusk, it's not sunlight (because ther wasn't any), they're orbs which isn't surprisingly really.

This place is eerie, it's so silent & yet sudden banging from in the house is heard.

Dead branches protude from a bedroom window.

Vandals have hacked into this whole house with a hammer (?) - stupid and unnecessary vandalism.

This door leads into a laundry and play room

Is this the tank that took the life of the little boy and his dog?

It's a beautiful property

There is an outdoor dunny! This old thunderbox is made of stone, yet the house is made of fibro... we found that a bit odd.

Shauna investigates... towards the old dunny, what's inside? (you never NEVER know in these places!)

A toilet, dunny brush and childs step stool is in here... this toilet hasn't been used in a long time (and we were not going to attempt to use it - thank god!)

A fantastic old shearing shed, this must have been a working sheep farm a long time ago, but see the green....? What the heck is that? it is moving FAST! It is much like the ectoplasm around Shauna at Sutton house (See Abandoned houses page 1)

More of the old shearing shed. This property was full of sheds, we were looking for the shed the man hung himself in.

Shauna is heading out to see what is in this old shed

Shauna & Tash go looking at yet another shed...

Jo finds a shed with a rope hanging... (Note the orb close to Jo's leg)

After closer inspection Jo realises that this is a noose! Did the man hang himself in here?

Orbs in flight around Shauna, we're just about to go inside!



Lets go inside the house of Sorrow! CLICK HERE!