5/6B's Website

Hi and Welcome to my website.
Here I will keep a brief update on work that is happening in our class, due dates, trip information, and other school activities. I will update it regularly,
Here is a quick update on what is happening in 5/6 land!

 Week 6 words are community lovable, confusion, prettiest, threw. 
Students are asked to put these words in a sentence (one sentence per word). Part 2 of the weekly work is to create at least 6 new words using the letters from "confusion"
The last part of the weekly writing work is to create a half page journal. Students can pick any topic they wish to write about. Our focus this week on our journal writing is to focus on proper use of capitals.  
I reviewed the criteria for a level 4 which includes proper spelling and grammar for the weekly word sentences. Journals will be marked on their quantity ( half a page) and paying attention to the weekly focus - proper use of capitals. Spelling will not be marked on the journals. 
Students should be reading a "new to them" book for our upcoming book report. More information will follow. 

In Math we have started geometry. Students will be classifying and constructing angles, identifying two dimensional shapes, identifying and constructing triangles, sorting quadrilaterals, and working with nets. 

In Science we are still working on Energy for the grade 5s and Electricity for the grade 6s. 

A special thanks to Mrs. Furtney for planning a junior trip to go see the Nutcracker on December 19th - more info will follow closer to the trip. 

*Extra Homework* Have your son\daughter solve this and they can win a prize.

Construct three different types of triangles. Name them and measure all angles. 

Write down the solution, bring it in on a sheet of paper and win a prize!

The junior division is trying to stress the importance of Glynn A. Green students learning their multiplication facts. Here is a fun site that could help with this.  
Dreambox is also a great tool for extra math homework.
Concerns about spelling - students can try www.spellingtraining.com 

*Just a reminder that we have 2 students in our class with peanut allergies.