Spider Glazing

Frameless Glass


Frameless glazing, utilising toughened glass and a varied range of aesthetically pleasing fittings, can be easily and quickly combined with steel and concrete construction, to provide an attractive and structurally sound all-glass appearance.

Put simply, glass walls with glass fin support and/or patch fittings, in the form of frameless toughened glass assemblies are bolted together at their corners by means of metal patch fittings. Glass panel joints are sealed with silicone, and fins provide lateral stability against wind loading. The final glass assembly is suspended from the building structure by hangers bolted to its top edge, and is sealed into channels.

The use of very popular Spider fittings further provides an all-glass appearance - a smart and elegant alternative to conventional framed glazing. Overall, detailing and installation becomes simpler when “spider” systems are used


Framed Opening Door Type C3Entrance Assembly System Type C9


Spider Door Fittings are manufactured form 316 marine grade stainless steel which has a high resistance to corrosion and seawater. They are relatively maintenance free as they have no covers as conventional door patch fittings do.
Spider door fittings 483 and 452 can be adapted to non-rectangular designed doors.
Spider door fittings are finished in high quality stainless steel to meet the latest architectural design trend available at a competitive price.
Spider door fittings can be finished in satin or polished stainless steel.



1)Glass thickness of façade elements and (separately) of mullion elements shall be determined as required to meet the specified criteria and shall be uniform throughout each visually separated area except where, in the opinion of the Architect, a thickness change will not affect either the performance or the appearance of the final installation. Minimum glass thickness shall be 12mm for face glass and 19mm for fins, the contractor shall determine glass thickness based on requirements of this section.

2)Glass systems shall be complete with all supporting steel, stainless steel cappings and framing, clamping or fixing devices, resilient pads and separators, as well as closures, gaskets and sealants as required for a complete installation in strict accordance with the manufacturers' instructions.

3)Assembled façade glass shall float within peripheral metal glazing channels. Adequate clearance shall be provided within these channels to prevent metal to glass contact under any combination of loads and movements including, but not limited to design wind loads, floor deflections, gravity and gravity loads of system, thermal expansion and contraction.

4)More pictures of Spider Glazing  http://abafna.googlepages.com/JC





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