Software Development and Related Activities

I've been having some fun thinking about developing educational apps.

The Numbers Touch App 
This app is to support young children's development of their number sense through multi-touch activities that help them develop component abilities such as fine motor skills, subitizing, and finger gnosia. The app is still under development and should be ready in September 2014. If you like the idea, please vote for my project here so I can get receive some funding. Thank you for your support!!

Mak-Trace - MAKABEH
My first app is Mak-Trace, which is available for free at the iTunes Store both in Italian and in English (now also in French, German, Chinese, Serbian and Russian). Mak-Trace is also available for the iPhone (download here).
Mak-Trace provides an environment in which the user can program a character to move and draw on a grid. In the first release the grid is 10x15 and the character can only be programmed to go forwards or backwards (of one side of a square at the time) or to turn 90 degrees clockwise or counterclockwise. The characters can be dragged on the grid to choose a starting position and then they will leave a trace mark as they move according to the steps the user programs.
Programmed sequences can be saved as "macros" and added to the possible commands to give to the character. Different backgrounds can be chosen for the characters to draw on. At the moment there are three types of backgrounds: free, mazes, or with proposed traces to program.
To transition to a more "coordinate-looking" environment the characters' size can be reduced to a point and the transparency of the background increased to 100%.
Some may recognize Mak-Trace as a simplified version of Logo. My aim was to create an environment accessible to young children, by offering an intuitive iconic programming language.
Mak-Trace is now on the LOGO Tree Project!

Download Mak-Trace for free here Mak-Trace - MAKABEH or searching for "Mak-Trace" in any iTunes store.

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