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A Baby Story Twins

a baby story twins
    baby story
  • A Baby Story is a program that airs daily on The Learning Channel (TLC). There are more than 100 episodes in the series. The program follows a couple through the late days of their pregnancy, sometimes showing the baby shower, final family outing, or dinner party.
  • (twin) either of two offspring born at the same time from the same pregnancy
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  • (mineralogy) two interwoven crystals that are mirror images on each other
  • Gemini: the third sign of the zodiac; the sun is in this sign from about May 21 to June 20
a baby story twins - The Earth's
The Earth's Best Story: A Bittersweet Tale of Twin Brothers Who Sparked an Organic Revolution
The Earth's Best Story: A Bittersweet Tale of Twin Brothers Who Sparked an Organic Revolution
The Earth's Best Story tells how Ron and Arnie Koss succeeded in creating the first nationally distributed organic foods company to sit next to its mainstream competition on supermarket shelves-a step that revolutionized and empowered the organic-foods movement as a whole-and benefited hundreds of farmers as well as the millions of babies whose very first foods have been organically grown, thanks to Earth's Best.
The Koss brothers, Ron and Arnie, had been sprout growers, broommakers, tool restorers, butlers, and natural-foods clerks, yet raised millions of dollars to start the first organic baby food company in the United States. How unlikely was that?
The Earth's Best Story is a bittersweet tale about the founding of Earth's Best Baby Foods twenty-five years ago. Told through the dual narrative of each brother, this is not a business tome, although it is rich in entrepreneurial lessons and know-how. Rather, it's more like a "how to," "how not to," and "how they did it" memoir. It's personal, it's intense, it's inspirational, and it's full of reflections and tales of wonder and woe.
People of every imaginable background and station in life want to make a difference with their lives. But how do you effectively do that? How does an idea successfully journey across the wastelands separating fantasy and reality? The Koss brothers take the reader on this journey. Theirs is a tale of idealism, naivete, and possibility that reflects the quest to find a place in this world by somehow changing it for the better.

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Does this look like a stork?
Does this look like a stork?
Work with me... it's has to be a stork so I can tell you my story! So, 39 years ago, on July 31st, I went into labor and headed to the hospital to deliver my second child. Second... key word here. Now, 3 years prior I had my first son after a very remarkable pregnancy and delivery. I had gained 43 pounds, had 2 days of heavy labor and finally brought a 10 pound baby boy into our family. The docs warned me that because I had diabetes, I was going to do the same with this second pregnancy... and so far they were correct... I had gained 45 pounds and was about to deliver what they told me would be a 14 pound baby! Yikes! 14 pounds! This was one delivery I was not looking forward to!! So... off I went to the hospital... just a tad nervous! Once there, they told my husband I was going to have a section as this baby was too big to deliver any other way and since husband's were not allowed in the delivery rooms in those days, they told him to stay in my labor room and I would be back in an hour. But when I arrived in the delivery room, my son Doug was anxious to be born, and so as they prepped me for a section, he decided to deliver himself the old fashioned way! How surprised they were to meet my impatient son! Especially since he only weighed 8 pounds! But then none of the normal things following a birth happened and the docs became concerned. They feared a tumor and so the obstetrician reached in to see what the problem was. That was when things got a little out of hand..... for suddenly my doctor started to SCREAM!!! Okay, a screaming doctor is not an expected occurance .... nor is it in any way reassuring. In fact, it's down right terrifying! My doc was so shaken that they had to get him a chair to sit down... All the while I know not what is happening.... But then the doctor recovered his composure and he gently explained that there was ANOTHER BABY waiting to be delivered, and that baby had GRABBED his hand and surprised him! What a great surprise! My third child had just shaken hands with my doc even before he was delivered! So in another minute or two, my son Paul came into the world, none too happy that he had been made to wait! There are no words to describe my joy! But now let's flash back to that husband left in the labor room... the one who knew his ONE baby would come in another 45 minutes... keyword being ONE. So he's chatting away with another Dad when the PA system goes off calling for extra staff and incubataors as an UNEXPECTED SET OF TWINS had just arrived. My husband laughed and mumbled that some UNSUSPECTING FOOL just had TWINS! The Father's laughed at the thought looking around to find that poor Dad. But before they could, a string of nurses, doctors, beds and equipment started to flow by. My husband was impressed that they had to go through my delivery room to get to the one where the Mom was who just had the twins! We're talking about the text book description of denial here folks.... people rushing through one delivery room to get to another! Eventually denial wore off and he realized HE WAS THE FOOL!!!! In the meantime I was busy worrying because I had only eaten one baby vitamin a day so one of my twins was not going to have gotten his full share! C'mon, give me this one... I was in SHOCK! I had just delivered two 8 pound baby boys with no warning ahead of time! 16 pounds of baby... and I was worried about 14!!! LOL! And I held that record for the largest set of twins born for over 20 years!!!! So happy Birthday Paul and Doug! You were definitely two of the BIGGEST and BEST surprises of a lifetime!
John and Jaden
John and Jaden
So a little background on these two... their entrance into the world has quite a story! Hans and Kelly are our good friends and gave me permission to share their testimony of God's amazing goodness. Hans and Kelly, like many couples, struggled to have children for many years. They had a laundry list of complications and after 7 miscarriages and painful emotional struggles, they decided to adopt. They were very real about their weaknesses, but God was faithful and continued to renew their strength. We just couldn't see His glorious plan. The bigger picture. All of this was in place - they were patiently moving up the adoption wait list, when surprise - Kelly was pregnant again. But this time with identical twins! Seems like we all held our breath for many months, but she carried these beautiful baby boys till 33 weeks. The story doesn't end there. We like to tease Kelly about doing everything the hard way and so of course she had an emergency c-section, again with many complications afterward during the post-op healing. The truth is we almost lost a dear friend to a terrible infection and horrible reactions to some medications. With two preemies and a very ill wife - Hans was truly a trooper. But again, God was gracious and performed miracle after miracle. Our church body stepped up and volunteered help in every way imaginable. The love of Christ was truly evident. And here we are, almost 2 months later and look at these little chunky monkeys! Kelly is nearly back to normal (well normal for Kelly ;)) and the long awaited boys are doing great. The beautiful thing is that even if things hadn't worked out like this God is still good. He still has a plan for us and it's all based on His only Son Jesus - being born of a virgin, dying on a cross to pay the price for our sins, and raising Himself up on the 3rd day with victory over sin and death. We can share in this if only we believe in Him. I invite you to trust in this amazing Savior. Love you guys - so happy for your precious gifts!

a baby story twins
a baby story twins
Somebody's Baby: Shelter Valley Stories (Harlequin Superromance No. 1272)
Caroline Prater: A lost twin. A widow. A pregnant woman.
When she discovers she has a twin living in an Arizona town called Shelter Valley, Caroline Prater decides to go there. Pregnant and a widow, she leaves her Kentucky hometown and drives west. She'll try to connect with her twin sister, Phyllis Sheffield. And she'll seek out John Strickland, the father of her baby--if only to let him know.
John is a well-known architect, a still-grieving widower who's settled in Shelter Valley. He and Caroline met six weeks earlier when he traveled to Kentucky....
Caroline's waiting for the right moment to approach Phyllis, unsure whether her unsuspecting twin will welcome her presence. And she develops a deeper relationship with John--but that's just for the baby's sake. Or is it?

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