Your Counselor - Barb Ura MA, LPC

Phone: 586-294-0391
How do I see a counselor?
 Students may fill out a request to see the counselor form found in the front of the counseling office.  They will be called to the office from class.
Parents can call or email for an appointment time.
In case of emergency, students or parents will be seen immediately.
How to I get transcripts?
There are college Application/Transcript Request forms in the counseling office.  Students must fill out a form to get transcripts, test scores, letters of recommendation or forms from the colleges completed by the counselor.  Letters of recommendation generally take a week to 10 days to prepare.
What kind of assistance does the counselor offer?
  • Individual counseling for academic, personal, and family concerns. 


  • Help with educational and career planning.


  • Scheduling and course selection. 


  • Referrals to organizations, sources and people in the community for tutoring, evaluations, counseling, etc.


  • Help with crisis situations.


  • Useful information in many areas including--study skills, colleges, financial aid, scholarships, military service, careers, etc.