Date: Friday, March 9th
Time: TBD 
Location: Holiday Inn by the Bay
 Portland, ME (during the FLAME Conference)


1. Deutsche Woche

2. Blaine House Awards Tea

3. Treasurer's Report

4. Fall Meeting 2018

5. Membership

6. AOB

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Blaine House - Augusta

Thursday, May 18th

2:00 - 3:30

Guest speaker: Jay Kenter - Maine DOE

Awards: Each attending school may give out a total of 3 awards.

  • Outstanding Senior - based on their academic achievement in German, as well as their overall effort,  involvement and enthusiasm. Students will receive a certificate and a medallion. EACH SCHOOL CAN ONLY AWARD ONE OUTSTANDING SENIOR AWARD

  • Certificate of Excellence - based on academic achievement in German, but can come from any grade or level. Students receive a certificate.

  • Certificate of Honor - based more on overall effort, involvement and enthusiasm than on academics, again from any grade or level. Students receive a certificate.

2016 Maine AATG Awards Tea @ The Blaine House
  • Guest Speaker: Matthew Burns (UMO & Cony Grad)
             Mt. View students with Frau Heath                                            York High School students with Dr. Kyer