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Grand Concours / National French Test is NOW CLOSED FOR 2018

Links for the Grand Concours/National French Test

Le site Web du Grand Concours / National French Contest Site

Grand Concours Coordinators - Click on a name to send an email.
Catherine Ousselin - WA/BC/AB
Aline Hopkins - Alaska

AATF Membership information

Fees: 2018 AATF Members receive discounted prices for the National French test! 

AATF WA members: $3.50 / electronic (or paper) test

Non - AATF WA members: $7.00 / electronic (or paper) test  

Paper / CD Tests: There is a $7.00 charge for EACH CD ordered and Shipping / Handling costs

                                                                                                        Bienvenue au Grand Concours 2018! 

I am excited to serve as your National French Contest coordinator! It is my responsibility to assist you with your test order, your questions about eligibility, and  the timely distribution of awards. This site will provide you with pertinent information you will need. The registration is now conducted on the AATF National French Contest Web site. 

Please contact me with your questions, concerns or award ideas.

National French 2017  important dates!

Registration for the 2018 National French Contest:  

  • Paper and pencil tests - January 12, 2018

  • On-line tests - January 30, 2018

Send Catherine Ousselin an e-mail (see above) when you have completed your registration. 

2018 Contest Dates

Grades 1-6 (FLES): February 11 - 24, 2018

Grades 7-12 (levels 01-5): February 24 - March 25 2018