AA Telephone Meetings

Sober Voices Group

Call in number - 712-432-0075, pass code 654443#
Updated 09/14/14                                                                                                              Established 03/07/04
Everyday - AA Topic Discussion        12pm Noon EST

Sunday's - BB Study                        10pm EST
Monday's - Beginners                       10pm EST
Tuesday's - Vision for You                 10pm EST
Wednesday's - BB Study                  10pm EST
Thursday's - 12x12                           10pm EST
Friday's - Promises                           10pm EST
Saturday's - Daily Reflections            10pm EST
Friday & Saturday Midnight Meetings 12am Midnight EST
     (also AA Topic Discussions)
All meeting topics are suggested and the secretary has the right to change or improvise anything as needed, keeping with the spirit of AA and its traditions.  Our meeting outline contains most of the elements of the "AA Wallet Card" ... AA Wallet Card Image

The Sober Voices Group telephone meetings are registered with our New York World Service Office and published
in the Eastern and Western States Directories.  Group #66-62-21.  We send our 7th Tradition contributions individually in care of our group number to G.S.O. in New York by phone, by mail or by internet at aa.org. 
The Sober Voices Group's purpose is to reach out to our fellows with accessibility and special needs, for those who are  home bound, those remote areas and anyone else who cannot make it to a meeting, for whatever reason.  If you are a newcomer, welcome.

To make our meeting place a safe place for everyone, we ask that participants refrain from cross talk (which is defined as offering your advice or opinion about what someone else has shared), no offensive language, name-calling or anything that could be taken as sexual harassment or harassment of any kind.  Please practice "principles before personalities" and “patience and tolerance” on the phone line.  Anything you hear during the meetings that is not directly out of our AA literature may be considered that person's opinion.  In keeping with Tradition 10, please do not argue about religious, political, reform or non-AA issues.  If anyone has an issue with anything that goes on during a meeting, please bring it to our business meeting for discussion.  Thank-you.
Please Note:  The “Call in” number is not toll free.  If your long distance service charges by the minute, you
will be charged accordingly.  Someone is usually on the line 5 minutes before the meeting and throughout the
hour.  We meet in a conference call setting, press  * 4  to listen to the service instructions when you call in.
Our Business Meeting is held the 3rd Saturday of each month after the 10pm EST meeting on odd months and after the 12pm EST meeting on even months.  Kevin from DC, 202-722-8327 and Chris from MA, 413-268-3202 are our current Group Chair People.  Past Group Chairs: Anita Vanessa, Carol CA, Cathy NY, Darryl GA, Dianne MA, Joan MI, Katie W, LeighAnne CA, Michael NY(passed away 2011, sober), Richard, Tim S. NV
Secretary info:
Sun 12pm noon EST - Marie MA
Mon 12pm noon EST - Peter NC
Tue 12pm noon EST - Pete CT
Wed 12pm noon EST - Aria NY
Thu 12pm noon EST - Joanie MA
Fri 12pm noon EST - Calvin NY
Sat 12pm noon EST - Andrew CA

Sun 10pm EST - Angie PA
Mon 10pm EST - Cindy NJ
Tue 10pm EST - Sam NY
Wed 10pm EST - Tony NJ
Thu 10pm EST - Audrey MI
Fri 10pm EST - Phil MA
Sat 10pm EST - Cindy NM
Fri 12am Midnight EST - Steven CA
Sat 12am Midnight EST - Charles OH
Past Secretaries: Alexis NY, Alma TX, Angel, Anita Vanessa, Anita W, Barbara CA, Barbara NY, Becky PA, Ben, Beth, Bill AK, Bill CA, Bill NY, Billy IL, Bob PA, Breanne, Brenda MI, Brittany LA, Caiti IA, Carol CA,Carol MA (passed away 2013, sober), Carol NY (passed away 2013, sober), Cathy PA, Cathy NY, Charlie CA, Carrie MA, Cherita IL, Cheryl CA, Cheryl FL, Chris FL, Chris NM, Chris NY, Christine MA, Christy, Chuck, Cliff, Dale OR, Dan, Danelle, Danielle DC, Darren C, Darren R, Darryl, David NV, Debbie, Deborah, Desmond, Diane FL, Dianne MA, Diane OH, Diane SD, Doug OH, Durrall MN, Ed, Eleanor, Ellen TX, Elizabeth CA, Ervin TX, Genise, George NY (passed away 2009, sober), Ginger VA, James FL, Jason, Jeanne, Jerome CA, Jessica CA, Jim, Jim PA, Jim WA, Joan MI, Joanne SD, Joe PA, JoJo PA, J.P. NY, Julie CA, Karen PA, Kathleen NV, Kathy NY, Katie, Kenny, Kent, Kevin DC, Kevin NY, Kim, Kristen, Kristie, Laura NY, Laurie & Lynn CO, Lawrence, Layne, LeighAnne CA, Lily Joy, Linda, Linda CA, Lisa, Magdalena NY, Marcel CA, Marcial HI, Mark AZ, Mark CA, Mary, Mary CA, Mary Jane CO, Mercy, Michael NV, Michael NY (passed away 2011, sober), Michael VT, Nicole WI, Oris CA, Pam CO, Pat, Patty AZ, Rachel, Randy CA, Ravi CA, Ray, Richard, Rick, Ricky, Rita FL, Robert KY, Rocky NY, Roy India, Ryan, Shawna MI, Skye NY, Stacy, Stephen CA, Steve MI, Steve NY, Stuart TX, Sylvia CA, Teresa, Teresa NY, Tim NV, Tina Marie OH, Tom, Tracy, Yolanda, Yvonne NY.

Phone sponsorship is available for our members where the phone is their only resource.  We suggest taking a face
to face sponsor if you are able to make face to face meetings.  Go to 90 meetings in 90 days and listen for someone that tells your story, that you can identify with, then approach them and ask them to sponsor you.  We also suggest that the women work with the women and the men work with the men.  
Phone Sponsor Volunteers:
Anita Vanessa, 05/02/88, 718-484-4709
Brooks, 11/07/96, 410-458-6600
Carmella, 07/13/00, email to get started carmela.ct1@gmail.com  
Christina, 11/09/97, 646-736-9839
Christine, 01/05/79, 413-268-3202
Darryl B, 06/29/06, 404-939-2158 darryl_brown1954@yahoo.com
Denise E, 12/08/92, 301-248-5415 edmonds33@verizon.net
Gino, 05/09/10, 409-996-0162
Layne, 07/27/09, 251-660-2227 bluemoonreflection@yahoo.com
Magdelina, 01/01/84, 415-571-5435 musicamaria@yahoo.com  
Mercy Jean, 11/17/04, 503-734-0031 mercy.jean04@gmail.com 
Maureen N, 12/18/06, 212-645-3490
Nathan F, 03/03/10, 207-831-7759
Rick M., 05/12/95, 410-967-8839 rickmillman@gmail.com
Roy O., 10/01/11, 360-244-4302 
Stephen, 06/20/00, 925-930-7016 snewbo63@sbcglobal.net
Tim S, 12/08/89, 702-767-8291 selv7@yahoo.com
Yolanda, 07/29/08, 425-293-3822