AAPEX 2012

Recent Announcements                                                                                 
  • Our first meeting of the new year will be on Jan 14. Program of the day will be Show and Tell: "What 'Treasures' I found at AAPEX". There will be a mini-auction and sales circuit will be available.
  • Feb 11 meeting will have a program presented by Charles Wood on "Michigan Stamp Clubs and their History". There will be mini-auction and sales circuit.
  •  Mar 11 meeting program will be on "Buying Stamps at Auction" presented by Paul Stanton. There will be mini-auction and sales circuit.
About Us                                                                                             
Ann Arbor Stamp Club consists of
members ranging from beginners to advanced collectors of stamps. It provides an opportunity for collectors of all ages to get together to trade, buy, sell and view stamps. Members also get to hear interesting and varied programs or talk about common philatelic interests.

A special feature of the club is its acquisition and sales program. Large lots of stamps are acquired from varied sources and sold to members at an economical rate, usually a fraction of their catalog price, or at club auctions. We also give away stamps to children in our annual shows. If you or anybody you know would like to donate your philatelic collections or inheritance please feel free to contact us.

The club hosts annual stamp exhibition on the first weekend of November every year. It consists of exhibits, bourse, catchemakers and has presence of American Philatelic Society, US Postal Service and the United Nations Postal Administration. Young and new collectors can get advice, help and information from club members to expand their hobby. Our youth booth is a popular attraction for children who along with their parents/grandparents have lot of fun fishing through boxes and boxes of stamps available to them for free. Food and drink is also available for a reasonable price through a local organization providing advocacy to persons with developmental disabilities. The exhibits at the Annual Stamp Show of the club are open to any one who wants to exhibit his/her material, not just the club members. If you are interested in this, please contact us  for details, prospectus and the entry form.

To learn more about the club please visit the page on the history of the club. We always welcome visitors at our meetings. You can inform us ahead (preferably) or just stop-by to see what goes on.

Beginners in stamp collecting? Don't collect stamps? Haven't collected in a while? No problem. Visit us at one of our meetings to see if we can encourage / re-kindle that interest in you. Whether you live nearby in Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti, Saline, Dexter, Chelsea, Milan, Canton or any place far away, our meeting location is not  too far for you. We always welcome visitors.

We try to maintain up-to-date information on stamp shows in and near Michigan to help you plan your visits. If you have details of a show or bourse in Michigan please contact us.

A Quick Look At Shows & Bourse