Membership of the Ancient and Accepted Rite within the Supreme Council for Australia is open to all Master Masons seeking to extend their knowledge of Freemasonry and of themselves.

All members of the Rite under the Supreme Council for Australia must maintain financial good standing of a Craft Lodge under a regular Australian Grand Lodge or under a Grand Lodge recognised by an Australian Grand Lodge.

There are two types of Rose Croix Chapters within the Rite under the Supreme Council for Australia - those traditional Chapters which require candidates to hold a belief in the Trinitarian Christian religion; and a small number of universal Chapters which admit all Master Masons.

Attached underneath is a PDF copy of an information brochure encouraging interested Master Masons to take their next regular step in Freemasonry and join the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite. Note: The attached brochure has been prepared for use within the Region of Victoria, Sunraysia and the NSW Riverina and therefore differs in some minor respects from the brochure prepared by Supreme Council for Australia.

If you are qualified and are interested in membership of our wonderful Rite, please email us (see 'Contact Us' page) for further information.
CS Wallace,
16 Dec 2014, 17:20