Southern Cross Chapter of Improvement

established: 23rd November 1991

In Australia, candidates join the Rite in the 18°. Since all candidates come as Master Masons there is need for them to start the 18° ceremony as 17° Masons. To get around this, the intermediate degrees 4°-17° are conferred by name only and members may afterwards see them worked in full at a Chapter of Improvement.

This Region hosts the Southern Cross Chapter of Improvement (SCCI), which regularly exemplifies the intermediate degrees of the Rite 4°-17°, in a cycle. The cycle takes some years to complete as only one-two degrees are usually exemplified each year. The SCCI also occasionally exemplifies other (older) rituals of the Rite, for the further education of the brethren.

The intermediate degrees of the Rite 19°-29° are also occasionally exemplified. In the past these exemplifications were usually hosted by St Andrew Sovereign Council. However, Supreme Council has now granted to all Chapters of Improvement approval to demonstrate 19°-29° under their charters. The change will remove the need for Regional Commanders to approve the demonstration of these degrees, and, in time, the SCCI charter will be amended to reflect this change.

The Southern Cross Chapter of Improvement normally meets on the 5th Saturday closest to October, at Preston, Victoria. However, other dates are added (or changed) as needs dictate. The calendar is currently:

Saturday, 27th October 2018 at Preston Masonic Centre (13° & 14°)

Preceptor :

V∴ Ill∴  Bro. JWC Cripps, 33°

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Assistant Preceptors :

Ill∴ Bro. PJ Milne, 30°

Em∴ Bro. MH (Howard) Mann, 32° KCM (Riverina)


Em∴ Bro. MJ (Mike) Hyland, 32° CM


The Supreme Council for Australia has published two books containing the rituals of the two sets of intermediate degrees (4°-17° & 19°-29°), as worked in exemplification by the Chapters of Improvement. These books may be purchased by members and ordered through their Chapter Recorder or Council Grand Secretary.

Preston Masonic Centre