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8° exposition in Victoria Western

posted 23 Mar 2018, 17:10 by CS Wallace   [ updated 23 Mar 2018, 17:15 ]

On Friday 23rd March 2018 a very capable team of brethren, mainly sitting Sovereigns and Commanders from within the District of Victoria Western Chapters and Councils, presented an exposition of the 8°, Intendent of the Building, at a District meeting hosted by Sunshine Chapter and with the Regional Commander, MIllBro Garry Mauger, and a number of Scottish constitution brethren in attendance. The proceedings were led by the Preceptor of SCCI, VIllBro Jeff Cripps, and a short talk on interpreting the degree was provided by Chris Wallace. This work was followed by a very social refectory enjoyed by all present.

AASR D3W 8th exposition team 2018-03-23

new member and renewed MWS at Colac n181

posted 23 Mar 2018, 17:04 by CS Wallace   [ updated 23 Mar 2018, 17:19 ]

On Friday 23rd March 2018 Colin Cox was perfected into the Rite at Colac Chapter. Heartiest congratulations, Colin, on beginning your journey within the Rite - may it be a long, happy and fruitful sojourn. At this meeting, IllBro Geoff Audsley was proclaimed for a second term as Sovereign and his team was appointed. Although a small Chapter it is well supported by travelling brethren and has further candidates in the pipeline, so every good wish is extended for a rewarding and successful year ahead to Geoff and his team.

new MWS at Tambo n259

posted 3 Mar 2018, 17:44 by CS Wallace   [ updated 3 Mar 2018, 17:45 ]

On Saturday, 3rd March 20418, MPBro Bill Thompson, SGC, was enthroned as MWS of Tambo Chapter n259, Bairnsdale. A happy occasion and a rare one for the AASR in Australia, in having the head of the Supreme Council also the head of a subordinate Chapter.

AASR MWS Tambo n259 2018-03-03

renewed Preceptor at SCCI

posted 17 Feb 2018, 15:09 by CS Wallace   [ updated 17 Feb 2018, 15:09 ]

Following the very sad passing of EmBro Barrie Hunt, the Regional Commander has been pleased to re-appoint VIllBro Jeff Cripps as Preceptor of Southern Cross Chapter of Improvement. All know Jeff brings a lifetime of experience and enthusiasm to this role and we wish him well.

50yr presentation (Wes Jolley)

posted 17 Feb 2018, 14:58 by CS Wallace   [ updated 17 Feb 2018, 15:02 ]

At Central Goldfields Chapter on 3 February 2018, V.Ill.Bro. Wes Jolley was presented with a 50-yr jewel and certificate celebrating his long-standing interest in the Rite. Perfected in Brunswick Chapter in November 1967, Wes was a candidate of his father, Ivan, although shortly after transferred to Central Goldfields and has been a stalwart member and officer (especially Recorder then Organist) ever since, eventually serving as District Commander for Victoria Central in 2010-15 period, health permitting. Heartiest congratulations, Wes!

AASR D3S 50yr presentation JolleyWA 2018-02-03

Charity in Action within Victoria Eastern

posted 1 Feb 2018, 15:35 by CS Wallace

At Ringwood Chapter on 30th January 2018, VIllBro Steve Ruglen, on behalf of the District of Victoria Eastern charity initiative, presented a $6000 cheque to Heartwell Foundation Director, Mr Scott Taylor. The Heartwell Foundation, provides specialist physical education and rehabilitation programs to children living with varying levels of need that otherwise would not have access to such services. This is a wonderful donation to a deserving organisation providing essential services within our community- very well done to all involved!
AASR Heartwell Foundation donation (Ringwood 2018-01-30)

new MWS at Burrangong Chapter n61

posted 25 Nov 2017, 15:05 by CS Wallace   [ updated 25 Nov 2017, 15:05 ]

On 28th October 2017, Ill. Bro. Dennis Foster was enthroned as Sovereign at Burrangong Chapter n61. Every good wish is extended to Dennis and the brethren of his Chapter for a happy and successful term of office.

MWS at Wimmera n146 continues

posted 25 Nov 2017, 14:50 by CS Wallace   [ updated 25 Nov 2017, 14:50 ]

The MWS at Wimmera Chapter n146, E&PP John McTaggart, was re-enthroned on 23rd November and commences a second term at the helm. After a busy first year, every good wish is extended to John and his team for a satisfying and successful year ahead.

new Commander at Major Mitchell Council n40

posted 25 Nov 2017, 14:45 by CS Wallace   [ updated 25 Nov 2017, 14:45 ]

On 30th October 2017, Ill∴ Bro. Tony McMahon, 31°, assumed the chair of Major Mitchell Council n40. Heartiest congratulations, Tony, and every good wish for a rewarding and successful year at the helm!

new MWS at Avalon n92

posted 25 Nov 2017, 14:37 by CS Wallace   [ updated 25 Nov 2017, 14:39 ]

On Wednesday 15th November 2017, Ill.Bro. Brian Holliday took the reins at Avalon Chapter n92, having just finished a two-year term as Sovereign at Colac Chapter n181. The ceremony was conducted by the retiring Sovereign, Ill.Bro. Jim Taylor, who completed a two-year term as MWS, in the presence of the Regional Commander, M.Ill.Bro. Garry Mauger, and a great night was enjoyed by all present. Congratulations and good wishes are extended to Brian and the brethren of the Chapter for a satisfying and successful year ahead.

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