Click here to see what the rules are regarding connecting fixed equipment to ring and radial circuits for BS1363 socket outlets.

Sauna heaters are classed as 'Fixed Equipment'.

These products can be obtained from other manufacturers

If the circuit you are connecting to is NOT protected by a residual current device (RCD) - see pictures>.

By using the enclosure & RCD in conjunction with the circuit breaker (<picture to the left, or similar) you can protect the heater and its wiring by:

Bring both legs of the ring and the 2.5mm2 flex into the enclosure (box); connect both legs of the phase (brown) and both legs of the neutral (blue) to the appropriate top terminals of the RCD. Connect the cpc's (earths to the earthing terminal).

 Clip the RCD to the left had side of the DIN rail, clip the 16Amp, BSEN60898 Type B circuit breaker to the right of the RCD; wire the bottom L terminal of the RCD to the bottom terminal of the circuit breaker with at least 6mm2 cable, or proprietary link; connect the 2.5mm2 flex to the top connection of the circuit breaker (brown); connect the blue to the bottom N terminal of the RCD; connect the green/yellow to the earthing terminal.
These products can be obtained from other manufacturers