I am great pleasure to announce to all members of AARR. We had successful and fruitful Asian Congress of Radiation Research (ACRR) and AARR Councilor Meeting at Hiroshima, Japan on Nov. 15 th -17 th 2005.

Since their discovery, Radiation and Radioisotopes, have been studied intensively, and have been importantly utilized in many aspects of our lives such as energy production, industrial processes and medical fields. Unfortunately, the events of WWII in Hiroshima and Nagasaki have led to negative feelings to radiation and its applications. From these facts, Japanese scientists and the Japanese government have recognized the importance of Radiation Research and this science has been strongly advanced in Japan. This year 2005 is the 60 th anniversary of the use of the atomic bombs. Looking around the world today, there are still many regions which appear to be unstable, and Asia is seriously focused on the use of Radiation and Radioisotopes. Because of the historical background, a gathering of many scientists from around Asia at Hiroshima would be a very significant event. The 1stACRR in 2005 was organized jointly by the Japanese Association for Radiation Research and the Japanese Radiation Research Society, held with quite many participants in a wide range of fields including physics, chemistry, biology, industrial sciences, medicine and environmental sciences, and successfully closed.  I hope that these AARR and ACRR will be continued forever and the peaceful utilization alone of Radiation and Radioisotopes will be succeeded around all over Asia and in the world.

Dr. Takeo Ohnishi; 1stPresident of AARR
November 17 th 2005

What' New?

1. 3rdACRR will be held at Beijing (China) in 2013.