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----Kingdom Resources----

----SCA Resources----
Cunnan, A huge Wiki of SCA information & knowledge.
Stephan's Florilegium, MANY great articles

----Arts & Sciences----
Armour Archive, Want to make armor?  Start here.
Gutenberg School of Scribes, Focuses on illuminations.

Period Fencing Manuals, a large list of period fighting manuals (from 1295-1639)
SCA Rapier Introduction,  compiled by Tivar Moondragon, one of the first White Scarves, provides weekly videos (see "this week in class" which is free) of rapier classes offered at their local WMA school.  

----New to the SCA----  What is the SCA?

----SCA-Friendly Merchants----
*Disclaimer: the SCA, nor the Shire of Aarquelle, nor the authors of this site in no way support, or endorse the merchants  or sites listed here.  These links are provided only as a convenience.  Shop with them at your own risk.*
Revival Clothing, very period western European medieval gear.
By the Sword, lots of stuff
Armstreet, lots of neat stuff from the Ukraine
RenStore, clothing, armor, loads of stuff.
Panther Primitives, tents and stuff.
Raymond's Quiet Press, An SCA legend, and lifelong Outlands resident.
Boots by Bohemond, Outlands resident boot maker
Ashcraft Baker, starter armor at good prices
Fat Chance Belly Dance, Middle Eastern & Tribal Dance Supply
Darkwood Armory, supplies high quality rapier swords, parts and armor. 
Amazonia & James the Just, quality rapiers, long swords, RBGs, armor and a general wide range of related products 
Advice for getting started.  Look here for resources and ideas for gearing up on a budget.  And even more  GREAT advice here can be found here.
Iron Monger Armory  Great, GREAT resources.