Aarquelle Defender

If You Come Out to the Woods Today…

You’ll be treated to Aarquelle Defender. While it's our first ever as a Barony, it's been around a lot longer than that! Number thirty-two, to be precise, so join us won't you?

So much to do, so little time: Archery, Heavy, Rapier, Bardic, and Arts & Sciences will vie with your senses and the heavenly scent of big pines. Be careful though… There are Teigrs and Lionells, Buzards and della Casas roaming the hills of Pueblo Mt. Park.

Aarquelle Defender XXXII
 When: Saturday, September 30, 2017
Site opens at 9:00AM and Closes at 8:00PM
Mountain Park Environmental Center (MPEC), 9112 Mountain Park Road,  Beulah CO,  81023,  719-485-4444
Site Fee Make Checks payable to ‘SCA, Aarquelle’:
Adult non-member: $15
Adult member: $10
Children: 10-16 $5, Under 10 Free.
Feast: $5

Site Restrictions and Amenities: * This site is a city park and is discreetly wet, but there are smoking restrictions. Please remember that this site was recently endangered by forest fires.

Directions (maps at the bottom of the page):
  • From the North: Take exit 101 off I-25 onto Highway 50 and head west for about 3 miles.  Turn south(left) on Pueblo Blvd.  Go about 5 miles to Northern Ave/CO 78 and turn west(right) onto Highway 78.
  • From the South: Take exit 94 off I-25 onto Pueblo Blvd./CO 45  Head west for about 3 miles to Northern Ave/CO 78,  and turn west(left) onto Highway 78.
  • Then go about 23 miles west on CO 78.  In Beulah, turn left at the fork in the road toward Pueblo Mountain Park.  Go 2.6 miles to the Pueblo Mountain Park entrance.
   Be aware that the actual turn into the site is directly after a strong curve and somewhat hidden. If you pass the main sign for it on the right, you'll have missed the entry. Wildlife, even after this year's fires, are a driving hazard. Bears and mountain lions do live in the area, but tend to avoid us.


    9:30- Opening Court


    12 - 4 A&S Competition & First Tries - displays and voting run all day.  

    Gaming and Crafting tables open - bring a game to share, work on that never-ending project 

    12:00 Simple Donation lunch - “Dutch Lunch” style 

    1:00-Rapier Tourney

    2:00-Heavy Weapons Tourney: A traditional Bear Pit

    5:00 Awards, Feast and Bardic Competition (Theme: Tales/songs of the Forest)

    Closing Court


Lunch - a selection of thin-sliced meats, cheeses, fresh fruit, fresh vegetables, and hummus or savory dip, bread, hard-boiled eggs, crackers.

Dinner - 

Apple nut cake and Plum cake for dessert.

Tea, Coffee and lemonade

Note: Beulah is a small town with one small, busy restaurant, and no real store.  Your food choices are: risk the restaurant crowd, travel 20+ miles to Pueblo, bring food, or eat with us.  We are doing a potluck snacks type luncheon during the day.   If you have something you wish to bring, and add, please do so (it would be lovely if you list ingredients for home-made items on a card for us, too)!  This is in addition to the Main Feast in the evening.


    Defenders of Aarquelle are those who compete against their fellow Aarquellans and our noble guests in Heavy Weapons, Light Weapons, Archery, the Arts and the Sciences for the honor of holding the Defender titles . Further, Defenders are then responsible for running  those competitions the next year, or finding a willing proxy to do so. Only members of Aarquelle may hold the title of Defender, however we also acknowledge and reward overall tourney winners. 

    Defender began in April 1985 not long after our birth as an Independent Shire, under the name Spring Thaw, created and run by three young college students - only two of which remain active in the SCA - THLady Lêofsige Õ Caoimh and Baroness Audrey la Solitaire. 

    Spring Thaw was held so that the young Shire of Aarquelle could have a Champion to wear our colors on the field at Grand Outlandish (then, only heavy weapons were available). Because we were a small group and didn't have fighters at that time, we invited other groups to send fighters to compete in our name. The first Defender of Aarquelle was Hagan Silverskull, who received a hand-made chainmail coif and belt as his prize. We have managed to hold the event in a variety of event formats ever since, continuing the tradition and adding on new types of Defenders as we went along. The Barony of Aarquelle welcomes you to join us as we celebrate our history and our Defenders each year. 

The competitions are open to everyone, and anyone can win.  The new Baronial Defenders will be the highest placing members of Aarquelle. 


Arts and Sciences Displays and Competitions

Set up out back on the veranda by noon.  

Everyone is invited to vote for popular choice from 12:00 - 4:00.  Everyone is invited to display, too.

If you need inspiration, the Defender theme is:  If you come out to the woods today...

A&S “First Tries” 

Show off your new skills and enter something. The only documentation is who you are and what you made. “First try” doesn’t mean the first time you attempted a new type of project.  It means the first one that more or less worked.  Be brave.  Display that project.  Inspire others to give it a try, too.  

A&S Open & Defender 

        A Populace vote chooses the Aarquelle A&S Defender. Entries should be appropriate to SCA period use. (pre-1650.) 

        Documentation is informal.   All work should have at least: 

                Who you are

                A description of the item 

                Techniques used to make it (Modern and/or period)

                Why you chose to make it (inspiration, learning new things, etc.)

                Approximately how long you worked on it

Ties or close results will be decided by the current A&S Defender, Fiora Della Casa

    Head out to the forest for the archery shoot.  10:15 at the range, down the hill and through the woods.

Rapier Tournament 
    Defeat the current Defender, Piero Della Casa, to claim the title First Baronial Rapier Defender.  A 20 minute "Fox & Hound" battle will be followed by a quick Swiss 5 tourney.   1:00 outside

Heavy Weapons Tournament         
       The Heavies will compete with a traditional bear pit.  Since the event theme involves the forest, there may be a tree near by.  2:00 outside.

    Entertain the masses during Feast.  Sing, play, jest, juggle, spout poetry.  Compete for the infamous Grammar Hammer.  The theme for the evening is "Tales and Songs of the Forest".  

For event updates and further information, contact Populace of Aarquelle Facebook page or Aarquelle web page.

Maps & Directions


Or follow their directions page below: 

Map to the Park

Photos from previous events: