Harvest Fest

Harvest Fest
An Aarqeuelle Feast, Bardic, A&S Defender

Saturday, November 24, 2018
 OPENS: 09:00 AM CLOSES: 09:00 PM 
Washington School
201 E 5th St, Walsenburg, CO 81089

Event Steward: Lady Chiara Soranzo (Rachel Niemet) rachel.niemet@gmail.com 7195823963

Site Fees: 
Adult Event Registration (16+) $15
Adult Member Discount Event Registration (16+) $10,
Youth (6-15) $5, Child (under 5) Free

Feast (pre-registration required): 
Adult $10, 
Youth (6-15) $5, 
Child (under 5) Free

Site is Discreetly Wet

Please join the Barony of Aarquelle for a day of Arts and Science as we choose our new A&S and Bardic Defenders. With a theme of "Colors of Fall", we will have A&S competition, a "first tries" competition, as well as a youth division. The bardic competition will be held on stage in the auditorium, and while you must be an Aarquelle resident to win the Defender titles, we would like to invite all performers to share their stories, songs, and music.

Plans also include A&S classes in the morning. 
Lunch is being coordinated by Florie, which will be followed by “Open stage time”, and a short play coordinated by David David. 
After performances, Sir Needham will be leading a round table discussion about the dream that is the SCA. 

Feast will follow, the creation of Lady Unna Farulfsdottir.

I-25 to US-160 W in Huerfano County (exit 50), turn left. Site will be on the left in 0.8 miles.