Fall Crown Tourney

Outlands Fall Crown Tournament 2018
September 8th & 9th
Bessemer Park (formerly Minnequa Park)
843 W. Northern Ave., Pueblo, Colorado 81004
Site opens at 8:00 am
This Site is Bone Dry!

The Baron and Baroness Aarquelle are deeply honored to announce 
that Their Royal Majesties Bela and Anna have asked the Barony of Aarquelle
to host Their Crown Tournament.

For more information check the Stag's Call and our Facebook Event on the Kingdom page.

Event Stewards: 
Their names are a direct email link. Both event stewards are also available on FaceBook.

Site Registration Fees
  Registration fees entitle you to: site for both days, and lunch for both days (including kids). 
  Merchants: pre-registered only, same as standard adult rate, but scroll down for more information. 
  Non-members will be asked to sign a waiver at the Gate.
  • Adult Non-Member (18 & over) site fee: $15
  • Adult Member (18 & over)  site fee: $10
  • Children ages 17 and under: No charge!
See the SCA link at the bottom of the sidebar to purchase memberships! You don't have to join to attend, but you get a discounted rate at every event, and the annual membership is equivalent to one month at a health club, or less than one meal at a nice restaurant.

  Make checks payable to SCA, Aarquelle
  • Pre-registration information should include: Modern & SCA name for each person, membership numbers and expiration dates (if applicable) and adult or non-adult.
  Send Pre-Registrations to our Exchequer, Lady Chiara as:
Barony of Aarquelle c/o Rachel Niemet
12 Redondo Ln.
Pueblo, CO. 81005


8:00  Site Opens
9:00 Crown Tournament List Opens
9:30 Opening Court
-- Immediately following Court: Procession of entrants in Order of Precedence
-- Following Procession: Crown Tournament
11:30 Lunch Buffet opens
1:30 Lunch Buffet closes
-- Immediately Following Crown Tournament: Chivalry Circle (45 minutes)
-- Laurel Circle (45 minutes)
-- 30 minutes after Laurel Circle: Closing Court

8:00 Masters of Defence Circle (45 minutes)
9:00 Pelican Circle (45 minutes)
9:00 List opens for Princess Protector Tournament Begins
10:00 Princess Protector Tournament Begins
-- After Tournament: Closing Court

We will be on the west side of the park.  The site is a public park with amenities.  Pets controlled on leash are welcome, but you are expected to clean up after them. The site is bone dry.  Parking is somewhat limited, so carpool if possible. Tent stakes must be under 10 inches in order to protect the site's water pipe system. Remove sun shades and all items from the site overnight. Make sure you monitor children and pets carefully, as this is an old and busy section of town.  Also, don't leave anything on site overnight. We do not provide site security after dark.

brought to you by Lady Unna Farulfsdottir

Kebabs: (beef, veggie and chicken)   Falafel , Spanakopita                                                                                              
Veggie and cheese trays
Dips: hummus, tzatziki, baba ganoush (roasted eggplant)
Breads: pita, naan, crackers.
Desserts: fruits, cookies, and if possible Baklava
Drinks: teas, lemonade and water.

MERCHANTS: Must be pre-registered 
Merchants are gleefully welcomed. There is no merchanting fee.  You must pre-register though because we have to provide the Parks Dept. with this information no less than 14 days before the event in order for us to permit merchanting. We need: 
  • the name of the vendor
  • address and phone number
  • tax numbers 

Each vendor must have a state license. A Pueblo business license is not required, however each vendor must pay taxes on their sales, either: 

---in person at---

130 Central Main 

Pueblo, CO 81003 

 --- or by mail to ---

City of Pueblo Finance Department Sales TAs Division

P. O. Box 1427 Pueblo, CO 81002