This Page Contains Information About Our Regular Activities.  As Always, Watch Our FaceBook Page for the Latest Breaking Information.
 Regular Activities include:
  • Folkmoot - Lowlands, Highlands or Caer De Sundays once a month at Fighter practices, see below and Facebook for schedules. 
  • Archery Practice - Lowlands (Pueblo) Sundays at 9:30 am, Pueblo Reservoir Archery Range (weather permitting) 
  • Fighter Practice - Lowlands (Pueblo) Sundays at noon, 17th St. Entrance of Mineral Palace Park; Highlands (Salida) Wednesdays at 6:15, Boys and Girls Club.
  • Dancing with the Duchess and A&S - Lowlands  (Pueblo) Wednesdays from 6:30 - 8:30pm, Pueblo West Library. Now includes a fighter practice for both light and heavy weapons!!
  • Fireside Gathers Lowlands (Pueblo) scheduled Fridays from 6:30 - 9:00pm, Northridge, Pueblo. Please email the Baroness Aarquelle for directions.
  • Coming soon - activities for those in the Trinidad-Walsenburg area of Caer De (aka. Villaleon)
 Please scroll down for more specific information about regular activities, or visit our Populace page on Facebook.

----Folkmoot (Business Meeting)---- 

Generally, Folkmoots are held on the THIRD Sunday of each month, immediately following fighter practice.  All are welcome as we eat, socialize, and discuss Shire business and activities.  It's a great time.  The location varies, so watch our FaceBook page for the latest information.

Look for the Folk Moot link at the bottom of this page for the meeting notes.  

Weekly Activities:

---- Combat Practice; Lowlands----

Current Meeting Time: Sundays at Noon-ish.  The west side of Mineral Palace Park. We have heavy and light fighters on a typical Sunday. We also have loaner gear for those who wish to try out armored medieval combat. Watch our FaceBook page for the latest scheduling information.  

Mineral Palace Park

----Archery Practice; Lowlands----

Current Meeting Time: Sundays at 10 AM  (weather permitting)  At the Division of Wildlife Archery Range near the south entrance to Lake Pueblo.  Watch our FaceBook page for scheduling information.

Lake Pueblo State Park Archery Range

----Highlands Rapier School----

Held Wednesday nights in Salida, Colorado (the "Aarquelle Highlands"). Outside during the summers, inside during the winters. Practices take a class / school approach in learning techniques, drills and history. All skill levels and drop-ins always welcome.  

Current Meeting Time:
Wednesday Nights
7:00-8:00 PM
Boys and Girls Club Gym
340 E. 5th Street
Salida, Colorado 81201

Boys and Girls Club

----Dancing With the Duchess; Lowlands----

Beladi classes taught by Duchess Selene of the Sky and Lady Elizabeth Bakere, held on Wednesday evenings at the Pueblo West Library. We also gather here to do A&S projects, talk shop and meet new people!

Wednesday Nights
6:00  to 8:30 PM
@ Pueblo West Library
250 S. Joe Martinez BLVD
Pueblo West, Colorado

ALSO: Second Saturday of each month from 9:00 AM until 4:00 PM  
The Pueblo West Library has reserved a room for our use each month
These dates can be used for times when a longer time frame might be needed for projects, or events.
Dates may be changed to accommodate Library Needs and cancelled due to Aarquelle's Needs 

----Friday Firesides; Lowlands----

Informal meetings to share information on topics like: Volunteering in the SCA, How to Run an Event; or What To Do if You're Not Running the Event. (Basic things to help you enjoy and learn about the SCA). We'll meet on most Fridays each month. See Facebook for more details. 

@ Syr Teigr & Lady Audrey's house
6:30-9:30 pm
4004 Ridge Drive
Pueblo, Colorado


Performed as needed to teach the rest of the world about us, and what we love to do.  Contact us for more information.

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