Aarquelle Newcomers 2017

Aarquelle Newcomers & Baronial Investiture

When: Saturday April 29, 2017
Site opens: 9:00 am Saturday
Site closes: 9:00 pm Saturday


Due to the weather forecast in Beulah, Colorado, Newcomers/Investiture is CHANGING LOCATIONS.

The new site will be Baxter Learning Center. 301 28th Lane. Pueblo Colorado 81001
This is a school building, so the site is now DRY AS A BONE.

If you have made reservations for the lodge, call them Immediately. We have a window of time because they are telling us it will be a foot of snow tonight, and a foot of snow tomorrow.

There is still a fire restriction on the site, but there will be space for parking, space for people and all activities should proceed as normal. 

Please contact me, Lady Amice for more information, and please! SHARE THIS WITH EVERYONE YOU KNOW be it on Facebook, email, or over the phone.

Site Fee: A donation is requested. All donations are going to Aarquelle's Loaner Chest and newcomers. Donation recommendations are: fabric, basic garb (tunics, skirts, pants, etc), feast gear items, accessories (belts, belt pouches, etc…). Please bring gently used or new items, so that they may be used for some time. Cash donations towards supporting our newcomer's needs will also be accepted. It should be noted that donations are very much appreciated, but not required in order to attend. What is a Newcomer? Someone who has been playing for 2 years or less.

Newcomers - this is all for you, don't worry about a donation! We'll have goodies for you throughout the day. This event is for all newcomers, not just those in our region. If you have a friend or know someone interested in the SCA, drag them along!

How will this year work? Glad you asked!
Newcomers is all about education on the most basic level, and stirring interest in everyone. Beginner Garb, Persona creation, Jewelry Making, Fiber Arts, Metalwork, Calligraphy, and more! 

These will be at “learning stations” where our Newcomers can circulate and get an overview of the variety of things to do in the SCA from more experienced members. It's a sampling of the best we have to offer, and an introduction to people who will be good knowledge resources for you in the future!

Also, we'll have those popular European martial arts available for you to browse and ask questions in the following categories:
 - Heavy Weapons (sword, shield, polearms)
 - Light Weapons (rapier, cut and thrust)
 - Archery and Thrown weapons

(Still looking for stations and volunteers, please contact the event steward Lady Amice)
❧  Event Article  
In this, the Third year of our Event for Newcomers, we expand upon previous years with demonstrations of Light Weapons, Heavy Weapons, Thrown Weapons, Archery displays and Arts and Sciences galore! 
The ideals of this event are to Inspire, Educate and Remind. Remind us of why we came to the SCA in the beginning, Educate our Newcomers in what the SCA has been, and Inspire all to try something new or to expand on what you have already known.

In our desire to make our New members feel as welcome as possible, this event's site fee will be Donations. Have you been playing for a while? Have your closets and shelves amassed too much in the way of . . . things?  Bring them to us as those lovely gently used items that you just cannot throw away as a donation! At the end of the day, we hope to be able to gift all Newcomers items to take home.

To our Newcomers: You needn't worry about bringing something! All we truly desire is your presence!

This event will be all about SCA education. Tables shall be set up for displays.  Knowledgable folk will be there to discuss what they know. (Think of it as a career fair.) There will be a Donation Potluck lunch/supper, so please bring something fully labeled to share! As we do every year we shall have a Teaching Court where all those who've gone to court and never quite understood, and all those who are new can raise up their hands and finally find out what they've always been curious to know. 

This year we are also extremely honored to be host for the Vigil of THL Jibra'il `Attar.

And as the waters flow, so to does change come to our humble Shire of Aarquelle, for in the evening we shall on golden wings rise and become a Fair and True Barony of the Great Outlands.

Join with us this year for a remarkable and unprecedented event celebrating all that we were, all that we are, and all that we shall be.

Questions about the Donation Lunch should be directed to THL Robert atta Blackwell and THL Burchwen Tedforda (thamilton317@comcast.net)
Questions about the event in general, especially those who would be willing to volunteer to run a learning station, please contact the autocrat Lady Amice de Clara (Amanda Rogers — mandyrogers@mac.com).

It's not just for Newcomers.....
Teaching.  Fighting.  A&S.  Food.  Comradery.  And something special .....

The event in now in Pueblo, due to iffy weather.
301 28th Lane
Pueblo, CO 81001