Aaron's Technology Page

I am a geek.  Here are my technical interests



Alienware computers are awesome!






Debian Linux is a great version of the Linux (Unix variant) operating system.  Ubuntu Linux is another version of Linux, primarily based on the Debian Linux version, but has more support and is much more friendly to install.  Is being set up to compete with Windows.

My Technical History and what made me a geek

When i was little I was destined to become a technologist.  When I think I was 8 years old, on Christmas, my dad bought me a 20 in 1 Electronics kit from Radio Shack and it was only a few days before I made each and every project in the kit. 

The next year, again at Christmas, my dad bought me the "new" 50-in-1 Electronics kit and once again, I disappeared, until I built every project in the kit.  This routine Christmas gift went on each year until I was finally given the 200-in-1 Electronic kit.  I don't think I made every project in that kit, but it did certainly spark my interests for gadgets and electronics.

Computers were a natural progression from there.  One day, in 1982, my dad and I were in Fays drug store.  They had for sale, for only $99, the Timex Sinclair 1000 computer.  it was an extremely limited computer.  It required that you hook it up to a TV for the video display, had a membrane keyboard, only came with 2K of memory (expandable to 16K!) and you had to save and load programs from a tape player!   My dad tells me that I disappeared for days and he literally didn't see me.  I was certainly greatly enthused to have my very own computer.