Aaron's Poems and Stories

Here you will find many of the poems and stories I have written over the years.




Bring me forth


Different than the rest

Disciplined Love

I'm still alive

Laughing Fire

Letting me in

Melting the ice

My Deepest Passion


No power in the universe

Obey the angel

Open the cell

Pick up the cell

Pockets of Honesty

She kissed me

Still Balanced

The Bus

Unconditional Love

Under the Mighty Wing

What I need

When I loved you




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This page is where I can show you some of the poems and stories I have written.  Some people actually think I'm talented.  I think I'm pretty mediocre, but I definitely have a lot of ideas going through my head every day.  On the days when I get can get them down in words I feel like I've actually created something most of the time.  Have fun reading them.  Send me comments if you have time.

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