Aaron's Project Page

What is Aaron working on now?




I am always incredibly busy, but my life continues to get better - amazingly so.  I'm working on a bunch more things now that I have a new home and my kids are with me.

However there are now new legal issues that have arisen that will get me back in the court room.  I'm finding the legal system most intriguing these days.  It's actually far more helpful than everyone rumors it to be.  The structure and tools to find justice are there -- if you're telling the truth.  If you have solid evidence and records, you're really in good shape.  However, if you try to manipulate the system, it flies back in your face.  Finally, if you're opponent lies and has made enemies along the way, you'll be amazed at how easy it is to prevail.



  • Finish plan for pool deck - Phase I 
  • Finish plan for front closet for JM 
  • My book writing continues -- changed the title to Anatomy of a divorce (lessons learned)
  • I currently have NO litigation.  I wonder how long that will last. 
  • Shout Your Opinion Web Site - Project very much on the back burner.