I am an exceptional listener and very patient with people. One of the best things I have learned over the course of my years in customer service, is that a person does not need to be talking to be part of a conversation.  Occasionally a customer will call up to rant and vent, and after listening for some time, they will calm down and allow them selves to be helped and the issue can be easily resolved. All of these are listed in an incident below that happened to me while working for R Systems.

One customer had talked with a support rep and did not get a satisfactory answer. They were considering canceling their yearly support. After I some time spent listening to the customer, issue was resolved. Customer decided to retain support which was able to save the company 1500$ a month for that yearly support contract.

Out lined below are some character and personality traits.

  • Bring a humorous friendly nature to challenges and serious problems to help relieve stress of team and customers.
  • Strong problem solving skills, enjoy being challenged and learning the why behind the way things work to provide better resolution model to the customer
  • Feel compelled to provide stress relief to customers by reassuring them and continuous follow up of issues.
  • Passionate about high quality of service towards customers to assist and work on customer retention.